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My boarding pass for tomorrow says I leave from B, but I read an article that in Dec they were consolidating to D for the construction. Anyone confirm?
You misread. They are consolidated in Terminal B. They now use all four concourses of Terminal B.
Flying into LGA from Bangor ME on Delta, 1h30 layover connecting to FLL. Will we have to change terminals? Is this doable?
All Delta gates are connected inside security in Terminals C and D. All you have to do is walk from your arrival gate to your departure gate. You have enough time.
It looks like my wife and I will be arriving at Gate C2 on an American Flight from Richmond. We have a connecting flight to Boston leaving from Gate D4. Looking at the terminal maps and reading about the new layout it looks as if both gates are inside Terminal B. However, is it necessary to go through the security checkpoint again after departing Flight #1 or is there some sort of connection between the two branches of the terminal?
AA is running a bus between the different concourses inside security, but security lines at LGA Terminal B are also usually pretty short so you could also just walk to D and go through security again.
Yeah, at this time of year i'd hate to have to go through security again. Usually once you are inside security at a terminal you're good to go between gates. This setup seems very strange.
American Airlines has me arriving at Gate D9F and I have a connection to make in a tight timeframe--I leave from D1. This is for today
It's just two ends of concourse D of Terminal B. Very short walk.
do all delta flights use terminal C or D. if we have to go from C to D for a connector how much time do we need.
Yes, as of this week all Delta flights are in C and D. Walking through the connector takes 3-5 minutes.
flight DL3470 is delayed from syr to lga. only 15 MIN to make connecting flight from LGA to MIA. is that possible, arriving in Terminal C and departing from Term C. don't have gate number yet
how long does it take to go from security on level C to gate c26
So i will be arriving on a delta flight for a layover and leaving on another delta plane will i have to leave the terminal i am in or do i get to stay in the same terminal because its a connecting flight
Delta uses Terminals C and D. They are connected inside security, so all you have to do is walk from your arrival gate to your departure gate.
hi- I see there's a 'Blue' shuttle going from Terminal B to Terminal A.
If I'm standing outside at Terminal B, how long will it take to get to Terminal A on the shuttle--including Wait Time at B? thanks.
Quite awhile, not many people need to go from B to A, so that shuttle does not run frequently.
thanks. i see the shuttle arrival pickup times, but seem no where to look for estimated ride time from B to A
The actual ride will be like 15-20 minutes.
zap, thanks, that's good to know. unfort., that means total 35min--15min wait plus 20 min ride,
On Thursday, November 16, I arrive on AA flight 380 at 12:34 pm. I need to meet family arriving on Delta 2096 at 12:45 pm.

How do I get from the AA terminal to the Delta terminal?
There is no good way to get from Terminal B to Terminal C or D with the current construction. You can try walking to C from B along the outdoor sidewalks.