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Hi all, so on Friday, I'm landing in Laguardia from American Airlines at around 8:13 am and have to be at my departing flight by 9 AM, so it's about a 42 minute layover. I know I'm landing in terminal B, but I'm not sure where my departing flight is going to leaving from. My departing flight is also American Airlines, and I know they only use terminals B and C, so is it possible to make a 42 minute layover if I have to change terminals? And if I do have to change terminals, do I have to go through security again? Thanks!
If you have to change terminals, AA runs a shuttle bus between their gates in B and C inside security.
Do you have to book the shuttle, or can you just hop on?
And may I also ask where the shuttle is? It's impossible to find anything on it online.
Yeah, I looked a couple of months ago without success. So, this week I'm taking an earlier flight so I can ask around. Maybe SOMEONE will know about it. . . .
I'll be flying from Orlando (likely arriving in terminal D) and have a 1 hour connection to Burlington (terminal C). I have a baby and child so would have to wait on the stroller. Will this be enough time to connect?
Yes, you can walk from D to C inside security via a walkway.
I fly SW into terminal B and my wife flies Delta into terminal D. What is the best and fastest way to get to D and meet up with her? Walking?
All I see online is that the purple line shuttle may take a LONG time and walking is not really an option. HELP!
Not needing to make a connection, but want to get a Lyft or Uber at another terminal. Is it (safely) walkable to not have to deal with the shuttle?
It's possible to walk to C and B, although a bit awkward and frankly not much better of a situation there.
I meant C and D
I need to pick someone up from terminal B on a Thursday at rush hour (right before memorial day weekend). should i have them take a shuttle to a different terminal - maybe terminal D? will the shuttle be terribly slow? any other options?
The shuttle will be pretty slow, however, if they are up to walk they could walk to Terminal D. However, getting yourself into D will be slow as well (just not as bad as B).
but it is possible to walk to terminal D? no impediments with the construction?
I have a flight that got delay so now I just have 40 min between my flights. Can I make it from terminal D to C?
When booked in Dec, I had a longer layover, but with several updates to the time schedules, our layover is now only 30 minutes. Just checked in online, but gates still aren't assigned. Will these flights be in the same terminal? I assume we won't make if if they aren't. Thanks!
All Delta gates are connected inside security. It is possible assuming both flights are on Delta and the first flight is on-time. But it is risky.
I'm landing in Terminal B via American flight 4763 and need to be in Terminal C for American flight 3548 an hour later. What is the quickest route between terminals, and do I have enough time? Do I need to be checked in through security again?
American operates a shuttle bus inside security between their gates in B and their gates in C.
Good to know! And an hour is enough time to take this shuttle and get to my next gate?
Yes, it should be.
Given 4 terminals, is there a shuttle bus/rail system between terminals? Don't know airport, looks like quite a distance on map. Help please!
Yes, there is a shuttle bus but because of terminal construction in Terminal B, it is very slow. What terminals are you traveling between/what airlines are you flying?
I am connecting in LGA tomorrow with a 52 minute layover to get from Terminal D to Terminal C. Do I need to use the shuttle or is it walkable? I am nervous about making the flight. Delta to Delta.
C and D are connected by a walkway inside security. You have enough time if the first flight is on-time.