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Planning to arrive at 6 pm 12/22 at LGA from international flight with 2h 12 min layover til departure of domestic flight home. Is this enough time to retrieve checked bags and come through customs?
There are no Immigration and customs facilities at LGA. Are you coming from Canada? If so you will pre-clear US Immigration and Customs in Canada. What airlines are you flying.
I have a disability and will be in a wheelchair when I arrive at LGA. How do I get pick up in front of my terminal?? Are they making people in wheelchairs still take a bus to the pick up area???
Hi we are a family of six traveling flying out of LGA on Sunday at 7am (flight departure time). How long I should plan to clear the security line?Thanks
What terminal? I would be there by 5:30
We are leaving from terminal D on delta/westjet to Toronto. Thanks very much.
Tomorrow, 6/22, at LGA my daughter is coming in to Terminal B Gate D3 and I am coming in to Terminal C Gate 30. Where would be a good place for us to meet up to meet our limo service?
How do I get back up to departure gates after arriving at Delta and picking up my luggage
June 22, 2017 I am coming in on Delta and my daughter is coming in on American both at the same time. We will be picking up a car service. Can we meet somewhere in between Terminal B and D?
B is a mess, she should just do her best to walk towards D to meet you and the car.
I'm looking for a spot that 2 travelers can meet up after landing in different terminals (@ 9:41am Terminal B on Air Canada and @ 9:30am Terminal A on Delta) and share a car to the city.
Terminal A is practically on the other side of the airport. It's not practical for you to try to share a car.
Is 3 hours enough to get from LGA to JFK. Arriving 8:11PM on Friday to LGA. Flight out of JFK is at 11:16PM
Yes, that's possible but doesn't leave much time to spare. Luckily traffic begins to die down that late.
I'm booked on an AA domestic flight out of LaGuardia on Friday (6/2). I have a birth certificate and a Social Security card; however, the only photo ID card that I have is a NY State Benefit ID Card. Will this card pass muster with the TSA and allow me to board my flight? Thanks!
No, you will have to get a New York State ID. You have 3 days, which should be doable.
How long does it take to get through TSA at terminal B on a tuesday at 5:45pm. My flights at 6:30pm I want to know if ill make it in time.