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how long does it take to get from gate C32 to Gate C15 for connecting flight. It's Monday January 2 and flights gave been delayed all day
5-10 minutes.
Flight 3396 from Nashville arrived over an hour ago and still sitting on runway…when will they deplane…Passengers get NO information!!!!
Horrible situation!!!!! Not even snowing now, just rain.
This is not the airline or the airport's website. Complaining here is like complaining to McDonald's about the same situation.
I have a connecting flight from LaGuardia to Newark Liberty. I'll be arriving to New York by 0840pm, then departs in New Jersey by 0100am for an international flight. There will be no shuttles after 0830pm and I only have 4 hrs spare time to complete everything. Private shuttle costs $200, commute costs 3 hrs travel. Any suggestions on how to make it the reliable way? I'm not sure of taxi availability on a Monday night in LaGuardia and degree of traffic and really concerned if I'll make it safely.
At that time of the evening it shouldn't take more than 90 minutes and there should be plenty of taxis
I am traveling from Israel into LGA and I am supposed to arrive in LGA at 5:30am. I am trying to make a flight at 7:50am. Is 2 hrs and 20min enough time to make it through customs and security?
There are no International Arrivals from overseas into LaGuardia. Where are you flying in first? Otherwise please double check your reservation and make sure it's to LaGuardia and not Newark or JFK.
hello I am arrivng terminal D and my friend is arriving terminal B one hour before me. What is the best option for her to get to me? Thanks
The Purple Route Bus. http://laguardiaairport.com/at-the-airport/connecting-within-laguardia/
My with are arriving on United at terminal B at 10:03 and our granddaughter is arriving at terminal D at 12:10. How & where can we meet?
It's pretty hard to get from B to D but you have plenty of time. With all the construction I would try to walk.
I am flying in to LGA on American and I have family members flying in to LGA on Delta. From what we can tell I will be in terminal B and They will be in terminal D thirty minutes after me. Is there a way for me to get from terminal B to terminal D to meet up with them so we can share a taxi?
Yes you can take the Route B bus on the lower level directly from B to D.
I am flying into LGA via Delta and meeting my family who is flying in via American Airlines. Where is the best place for us to meet and how do we get there?
After you arrive, take the Route A or Route B bus on the lower level from your arrival terminal to Terminal B and meet them somewhere there (I like the far end taxi stand area as it's the only part of that curbfront that isn't absolutely clogged with people)
So i'm arriving with Air Canada in terminal B and departing through a delta flight in Terminal D. I have got a three hour layover and also 2 big bags and I do not know how i'm going to go through the airport. Do I take a taxi or does the shuttle bus okay ?
You have to take a shuttle or walk. A Taxi won't take you between terminals. Take the Route B bus, it will take you directly to Terminal D from B. Here's a good guide - http://jenngrahams.com/1/post/2015/04/5-tips-for-surviving-new-yorks-laguardia-airport.html
I will arrive at LGA on Southwest and want to meet friend arriving same time on Delta. Where is best place to meet?
Have your friend take the Route A or Route B bus to Terminal B to meet you. It's much easier than you going to the Delta terminals.
Are Sunday evenings crowded for American Eagle or Delta flights?
It depends how late, but security shouldn't take more than 30 mins.