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Why does Boingo WIFI at STL s-u-c-k so badly????
What terminal does
Sun Country Airlines use?
When I check the site for St Louis to see the wait times at TSA, they give the information for Terminal A,B, E...but the terminal map is labeled Terminal 1 and 2. ???
I have been unsuccessful on gaining information about which terminal Suncountry Airlines flies into or out of. On the airport's website it lists most charter airlines, but not Suncountry. Please help.
I'm 90% certain it will use Terminal 1 as all other charters use Terminal 1. If it's an international flight it will have to clear Immigration and Customs in Terminal 2.
Flights from United Kingdom to St. Louis which concourse
There are no nonstop flights from the United Kingdom to St. Louis.
Directions for picking up passenger arriving from gate C
How do I pick up someone landing at the Southwest Terminal?
Which terminal does Southwest use for their domestic arrivals in St Louis?
All Southwest flights are in Terminal 2.
There are two sections for b through c on here, one of them has long wait times and one has short times.
What's the difference and which one does frontier fly out of?
Wait times listed here should be taken with a grain of salt.
That doesn't really answer the question...
Also, Frontier uses C. Concourse B is not currently in use.
Don't make the mistake of thinking you can get thru security a little faster, because you're TSA pre check, at Lambert...They have ONE agent working both pre and non pre check lines.
Security times have increased since this posting.