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STL Gate Connections DISCUSSION

I’m flying southwest are connections gate to gate, or do you have to go outside or anything like that? How big is the airport? Have never been.
Flying from St. Louis to Atlanta to St. Maarten on Delta for cruise. Do I start at the domestic or international terminal in st. louis?
I am flying out on AA but had a friend flying out of United. Can I still able to access United concourse with a same-day BP on AA?
Arriving on Cape Air from Marion IL. How do I get to South West Airlines gates?
Going to Marriott St Louis Grand tomorrow. What times does the subway train leave the airport
Is 45 minutes enough time to make a connection from one southwest flight to another?
I am flying Cape Air, terminal 1, into St.Louis and flying out on Southwest, terminal 2. I have 1 1/2 hrs. Is that enough time to make my connection. I have to check luggage.
Since I have a one-hour window to debark Alaska and board AA (separate reservations & no checked bags):
1) Which gates in T1-C do Alaska and American generally use?
2) How far is the longest possible distance (like, from gate1 to 23)?
3) How long before the AA flight can I do an online check-in?
4) Can I simply walk from my Alaska flight to the AA gate and board?

Thank you ever so much!
Maybe someone could answer a simpler question: since I'm arriving on Alaska then leaving on American, both in PDX T1-C - with just a carry-on - is one hour enough? Can I just walk from one plane to the next, or do I need to go elsewhere first?
CORRECTION, it's in ST LOUIS MO Lambert airport! Thanks for any responses!
Yes Janna, you can just walk from one plane to the next.
Thank you most kindly, ZAP! :-)
I am arriving so airlines and connecting to airchoice one. Do I have to go through tsa again. How do I get to terminal 2
You will have to take the shuttle to the other terminal and go through security again. It's possible that if you have a tight connection you could call Air Choice One and let them know and they can pick you up at your gate and take you on the tarmac to the air choice one plane.
What terminal is charter flights Swift Air located and can I check my bags in on curbside.
I'm 95% sure they use Terminal 1. They do not have curbside check-in.