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flying Delta, i check in online but I have luggage that needs to be check-in.
I arrive at the airport an hour prior to the flight time, is it possible that i make it?
I have a connection incoming and outgoing via Southwest. I am seeing that the departure gate for my connection is at gate E38, but don't see that indicated on the Terminal Map. Is it beyond E33?
I will be arriving in Terminal 1 (AirChoice One) and departing Terminal 2 (Southwest). How long does it take to get between terminals? I'm arriving at 2:15 and have a 3:00 flight.
With checked bags that's not reasonably enough time. Without checked bags you can probably only make it if Air Choice One can drive you to your departure gate (which they sometimes do for tight connections).
Thank you!
I have a similar issue. However, my Air Choice flight arrives at 2:20 p.m. and my departing flight with Southwest is at 3:45. Is this enough time to make the departing flight?
I have never flown CapeAir. Is it generally on-time (from Kirksville)? If I need to make a connection from CapeAir (is it in Terminal 1?) to Southwest (Terminal 2) and I have only a roller carry-on and a big purse - is 40 minutes enough time? (CapeAir Scheduled arrive 1:20; SW departure 2:00 p.m.)
Cape Air does a pretty good job being on-time. They will take you directly to your Southwest gate so you can make your connection if it is on-time.
My well traveled daughter is flying through St Louis from CLE, onto SAN during Thanksgiving break. Her flight is on Thanksgiving day, arriving in St Louis at 8:35 and departing at 9:10 am. Is this a reasonable itinerary? I don't see any "short layover" cautions. If her flight is delayed out of CLE will she get stuck in St Louis?
Are both flights on Southwest? If so that should be possible if the first flight is on-time. Southwest doesn't give "Short layover" cautions on their website.
She is on southwest for both flights, most likely in the same terminal. Will advise her to run to her next gate to catch the plane. No food options. No pit stops
May I check in at American for an international flight through ORD?
Huh? If you are flying American Airlines out of St. Louis you check-in at the American Airlines desk.
How far is it from the United Airlines arrival gate to the Cape Air departure gate?
How far between e8 and e38
Maybe 10 minutes.
I have 45 minutes to connect flight at STL from San Diego going to Fort Myers
Does my luggage go straight through do I collect it and which terminals do I arrive and leave from do I go through security?
If both flights are on Southwest your bags go through and all you have to do is go from your arrival gate to your departure gate, both inside the same area inside security.
I will be flying from Quincy to St lois airport on Cape Air, if I am not checking a bag, and I only have 20 mins between flights.. is that possible?
What airline are you flying out on?
Delta Airlines
Cape Air has a shuttle that will take you directly to your departure concourse.