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STL Gate Connections DISCUSSION

How do you get from the metrolink station to the terminal
It depends what airline you are taking. There is an Lambert-East stop that you use if you are flying Southwest or Airtran and a Lambert-Main stop that you use if you are taking another airline. Both are located very close to their respective terminals.
i will be arriving on june 9th on flight 279 and connecting flight in st louis flight 44. i only have a 35 minute layover and am very nervous. Were can i locate a map on this sight???
I'm assuming you're on Southwest. Is that right? If your first flight is on-time you'll have enough time. While Southwest is the biggest airline in St. Louis, their operation there is still fairly compact (All flights are in Terminal 2, concourse E)
Pre check exists in St Louis but for C gates only (usair and some others). If you are departing from an A gate (delta and others), precheck is not available as of may 2, 2013. Check your departure gate to minimize pre-check disappointment.
Will I need a lot of time to get me/luggage gate to gate
It shouldn't take more than a half hour.
i am flying in on cape air leaving on united what terminals will i use
At STL, both Cape Air & United use Terminal 1 - United uses Concourse A and Cape Air uses Concourse C; both concourses have corresponding gate number, i.e. A21, C24.
Leaving on Delta to Atlanta What gate departure?
From Cape Air to Delta do I have to go through security?
At STL, both CapeAir and Delta use Terminal 1. However, Delta uses Concourse A with gates A2-21, while Cape Air uses Concourse C with gates C1-24. On arrival just follow signs to C gates - no need for security check.
what gate does cape air fly out of?
At STL, Cape Air uses Terminal 1, Concourse C, which has gates C1-24.
Where is the bus port located
Read the Introduction at - it clearly states "he Bus Port handles all local bus service (MetroBus) and Greyhound Bus Service and is located off Lambert International Blvd., south of the Main Terminal. If you need to connect to the Bus Port, use the free terminal shuttle, making regular stops at Bus Port on its route between the two passenger terminals. Pickup is at Main Terminal: Exit Door MT 12 and East Terminal: Exit Door ET 15." - When you ask for info - use PLEASE! Noone is obligated to give you info - I do it on a voluntary basis - courtesy gets you places....
Can you go from Terminal 1 gates to Terminal 2 gates without going through security?
On arrival at STL, Terminal 1, you need take Exit 2 or 12 near the baggage claim for the free terminal shuttle to Terminal 2, where it arrives on the lower level, near exit 2 or 12 where you need to go through security check before proceeding to your E gate.
I have a brother thats coming to stl at the end if june is there any good places that we can watch planes?? And not getting a ticket!?! Please help