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Do I drive my car directly to the airport and they take it to the lot or do I have to go to the lot. Which lot do I go to for valet parking? I need parking from December 11th through December 20th. I will be arriving in St Louis at around 2:30 on the 20th
If we are required to check-in at the United counter at STL (8:40am Saturday scheduled departure), what can we expect in terms of a line and wait time? In other words, what time should we aim to arrive at STL (again, assuming that counter check-in is required)?

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I am going to be taking my small pet in a pet carrier that will fit under the seat what information do you need will I need for her??
are there lockers in the southwest terminal at St. Louis?

I’m flying into St Louis on Wow airlines next week and have heard that the immigration lines are long and slow. But I have Global Entry. Does anyone know if there is a Global Entry terminal at the immigration area in St Louis?
How much time do I need to get from Southwest baggage claim to Cape Air gate?
I'd want at least 90 minutes between your flights.
What terminal and/or gate does Swift Air depart from St. Louis Lambert airport?
They depart from Terminal 1 gate A15
What gates on concourse C in terminal 1 does Frontier Airlines typically use? My Dad will be traveling alone and I'd like to judge the distance from security to his gate
They appear to use gates C19 and C23
Flying Southwest from Phoenix to Minneapolis with transfer in St Louis. Need info about transfer and gate distance
You just walk from your arrival gate to your departure gate. You don't find out your gates until the day of your flight. It's a very simple process.
Is there enough time for me to get to my connecting flight? When we arrive it says on the itinerary there is 30 mins before our connecting flight leaves, is that enough time to get there? i know we dont have to go back through security but that cutting it close, Im flying AA coming in and leaving,
That is enough time if the first flight is on-time. All the AA gates in STL are within a fairly small area.