Leipzig Halle Airport ( LEJ ) Public Transportation

Getting from Leipzig Halle Airport to your destination:    For shuttle / taxi services to either Leipzig or Halle, you can call +49 (country code) and (a) to Leipzig: 341 2322377; 341 2458120; 341 46721-0; (b) to Halle: 173 3667584.

The Leipzig/Halle Airport railway station
under the terminal complex (offering direct access to the check-in area) includes IC, ICE and regional train connections, including an express train ('Flughafen Express') into central Leipzig every 30 minutes, taking 14 minutes and stopping once at Leipzig Trade Fare; and to Halle (Saale) every hour. A Deutsche Bahn or DB-Reise counter (German Trains tel. +49 (0) 341 2243213) is in the check-in area, open Mon-Sun 7am-8pm.

Buses 202 & 206 run frequently between Schkeuditz, the Airport and Delitzsch. The bus stop for long-distance coaches is at carpark P3 and tickets are available either form the bus driver or online.

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