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Did I hear they are combining the regular TSA line with the TSA Pre-Check line. I hope not
Where is the Jetta excess baggage pick up located? Is there a local Boston phone number to contact them?
Could you kindly advise on how and where I could pick up the dog?
After getting our bags at Term E, where do I go to pick up my Hertz car? Is there a bus to take me there and where is the pickup place
Yes, you take a bus to the Consolidated Rental Car Facility from the lower level of Terminal E.

I'm looking for travelers who travel through Terminal E. I have lunch and dinner opportunities available each month where you will be reimbursed/paid for your meals. Please contact me for more details.

are there any mail boxes in terminal B
I will be arriving on January 6 with an Air Canada flight at Gate B1 and I have a connection with United at Gate B26. I have 1h50mn to connect. Is it enough to connect and what are the directions.
You will have to leave security, follow the signs to B26, go back through security and walk to your gate. You have enough time.
How do I get from the Cell Phone Lot to Terminal A pickup?
I have been informed that to take an international flight I should be at the airport three hours prior to departure my flight is at 5 AM with the terminals to be open at 2 o'clock or do they only open at 3:30 everywhere
Hello, I'm flying from Amsterdam to Orlando through Boston, with 2H18 to connect in Boston. Do you think it's enough or too short ?
I forgot to say I'm flying with Delta for both
Yes, that is enough time. Note however that you will arrive in Terminal E and depart from Terminal A, which are a ways apart.