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Hello, on 11/21 I will be flying to Las Vegas on Spirit airlines which is at gate B37/38. Once I have gone through security will I be able to go to the United Club from gate B37/38 (I believe United Club is B20). I am asking because I would like to work for 4 hours before my flight. I believe once you are past security you can go to any gate you want but I just want to make sure.
Yes, every gate in B except the Air Canada gates at the far end is connected inside security, so yes, you can walk from a Spirit gate to the United Club.
How do I get from the Cell Phone Lot to Terminal A pickup?
I have been informed that to take an international flight I should be at the airport three hours prior to departure my flight is at 5 AM with the terminals to be open at 2 o'clock or do they only open at 3:30 everywhere
Hello, I'm flying from Amsterdam to Orlando through Boston, with 2H18 to connect in Boston. Do you think it's enough or too short ?
I forgot to say I'm flying with Delta for both
Yes, that is enough time. Note however that you will arrive in Terminal E and depart from Terminal A, which are a ways apart.
Approximately, how long will it take a US Citizen getting wheelchair assistance to clear customs? She is arriving early afternoon.
I would expect that she be ready to be picked up 45-60 minutes after the plane arrives at the gate.
how long it will take to go through passport check today friday at 1040 pm?
I cannot predict that.
Hi, I have a flight that takes off tomorrow at 12:54pm. I can't leave from the office downtown until 12pm (arrival at airport at 12:15pm). Is 15 minutes enough to get through security and board my flight by approximately 12:30pm? (I would leave earlier if it was possible, but am unsure if I can)
That is not realistically possible.
Daughter traveling from Charlotte via American Airlines to Boston to catch Alitalia flight to Rome. Separate ticketing. Won't have to check carry-on for the Charlotte flight but will for the Boston to Rome flight. Where does she go to check that baggage. Thinking she goes to Terminal E but is there a counter there to do that?
Does BOS International Term E have a TSA PreCheck line?
It did not about two years ago, but now it is April 2016 and I hope they finally got their act together?
No, because none of the airlines that use Terminal E are Pre-check participants, so even if it had it, nobody could use it.
thank you ZAP. is there a TSA suggestions inbox that they would be likely to read? the whole idea of airlines "participating" in PreCheck seems ridiculous - the airport security lines cover all gates in a given terminal, and are not organized by airline; why should PreCheck be special... and I have US Global Entry / Known Traveler Number, which is not tied to any specific airline; it feels stupid that I cannot take advantage of PreCheck in any security line...
Daughter flying in from charlotte en route to Italy. When she goes from her arrival terminal to the international terminal, will she go through security again?
Yes, she does.