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I am trying to book flights to return to San Francisco from Shannon Ireland. If I have 2 hour layover in Boston, is that enough time? I will have a checked bag and wasn't sure if I had to take that through customs, etc or not or if it would automatically go through? Thanks!
I have flight from JFK-BOS-ORD, both American airlines. I only have 40min layover at BOS. Is it enough time? And do I need to go through security again at BOS?
Ottawa to Boston (Air Canada) then 1 hr 45 min layover in Boston before next flight leaves to Dublin (Aer Lingus). On a Sunday afternoon. 2 young kids. All one reservation.
im flying into boston with jetblue then flying to turkey on turkish airlines and i have 2 hour layover. is this enough time? is boston airport hard to navigate terminals?
That is enough time if both flights are on the same reservation. It is fairly easy to navigate.

I am flying ( with UNITED ) from SFO to FRA and have 1 hour and 4 minutes layover in BOS, I do not have checked in bags, only a backpack with me.

Is that time really enough?
Forgot to mention that it's the same reservation.
That is enough time but doesn't leave much to spare. You have to go from Terminal B to Terminal E and go through security.
Thank you!
Is 38 minutes enough layover time from Syracuse to Boston then to San Francisco? We are not experienced air travelers and have never been to Boston's airport. Thank you.
What airlines are you flying? Are both flights on the same reservation?
The airline is Jet Blue and it is one reservation. Thank you.
How much time do I need between flights. I arrive from London at 1:30pm on British Air and will take another flight to Indianapolis. What time should I book my return to Indianapolis?
I wouldn't book anything before 4 PM.
If traveling to another country I have 2 stops does my baggage get claimed is does it automatically go to my other flights
You're going to have to be more specific about where you're flying from and where you're flying to and on what airlines.
Hi we are coming from Orlando to Boston on virgin (operated by delta) arriving at 15.04 and then depart at 2140 by virgin to London. Will our bags be transferred automatically and any ideas what to do in the 6 hours we have? We are a family of 4 - kids 11 and 13. Can we leave the airport?
Yes, your bags will be transferred automatically. Yes, you can leave the airport.
Is 1 hour 20 minutes enough of a layover flying Aer Lingus from Dublin and 2nd leg Jet Blue? It will be one reservation, so luggage should go through and I know Dublin has pre-clearance. Just wondering if it's enough time between gates/terminals. Thank you!
Yes, that is enough time. All you have to do is walk from your arrival gate to your departure gate.
Thank you!