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Can I exchange euros for dollars at this airport?
Yes, Boston airport has a currency exchange
Is there a drug store in Terminal C to get over the counter medication and ear plugs?
I’m traveling with two children (old enough to handle their own luggage) into Logan from Nashville and will be taking the Dartmouth Coach you Hanover NH. Is baggage claim inside or outside security? Are there restaurants near baggage claim? We will need to pick up our bags and get something to eat inside the airport before getting on the coach.
baggage claim is outside security. There are not many restaurants (if any) outside security in Boston.
Is there a place where I can mail letters from the BOS airport? (USPS)
Are there any restaurants in the baggage claim area terminal A?
Is legal seafoods still in airport?
Yes, there is one in Terminal B near the United gates.
I notice on the website JetBlue marks The Lounge but there are no details. Does JetBlue have a lounge in terminal C at Logan? If not are there any airline lounges in that terminal to work from? Thanks in advance!
Jetblue does not have a lounge in Boston and there are currently no lounges in Terminal C.