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Hi all - new to this site.
My elderly mother-in-law is flying Jet Blue ORD to BOS and then has 35 minutes to connect to a Jet Blue BOS to MVY (martha's vineyard) flight. I am assuming it is all in the same terminal - does anyone know if that's the case? Or if not, can I call the general Jet Blue customer service and would they know that?
I know this is kind of a broken record question, but today I realized my connection time might not be enough for my travel plans (which are already booked). Flight plan is STL - BOS via Southwest, and then BOS - LHR via Delta (operated by Virgin Atlantic). I see we will arrive into Terminal A and will most likely depart from Terminal E (Virgin Atlantic's location). I had planned to check a bag and only today, after having already had flights in place for weeks, realized I would have to collect the bag from Baggage, hustle to Terminal E from A, re-check the bag with Virgin, go through security again, and hope to make my flight. I've never been to BOS and wondered if anyone with experience thinks ~2 hours would be enough time to do all of the above? Arrival into BOS is ~8:00 PM. I wondered if it might be a slower time? Departing flight is ~10:00 PM, again wondering if less people because of the late hour. I have TSA pre-check which should help with security a bit.

Thank you, any and all, for comments and guidance. I might have to bite the bullet and spend the $$ to ship the gift instead of missing a flight...
Hello -
We will be flying in from Iceland in November at 5:50 pm at night and we are looking to book a Delta flight to ATL at 7:59 pm. This gives us approximately 2 hours, will this be enough time to get us through US Customs and get to our connecting gate/terminal?
That is a serious gamble. Immigration and customs can easily take 90 min. If you miss connecting flight, you will have to buy a new ticket.
Land at BOS 814. We must pick up checked bags from Jet Blue and recheck them, security and board Icelandair by 930. Is this doable
Low chance of success. You will have to transfer between terminals, drop luggage probably an hour before departure the latest, and get through security. Rather take an earlier flight to BOS.
Land at BOS 814. We must pick up checked bags from Jet Blue and recheck them, security and board Icelandair by 930. Is this doable
I have a Delta flight from Dublin to Boston with a 1 hr. 20 min. layover then onto Virginia also on Delta. Do I clear customs in Boston or Virginia? If Boston, then will I need to claim my bags in Boston and recheck them in?
Looking at a flight from DCA to BOS on American arriving @ 6:13pm. The connecting flight to LHR on British Airways departs at 7:15pm. Not sure if I'll have to change terminals but assume yes. Will I have to go through customs in BOS? Extra security? If not, it seems doable but I don't have a lot of experience with international flights.
There is no US Immigration or Customs when leaving the US. But you will have to walk or take the shuttle bus on the lower level from Terminal B to Terminal E and go through security. You have just enough time.
Hi, we'd like to fly Delta from Dublin to Boston and then on to Kansas City. There is a 2'12" layover in Boston. Is that enough time to clear customs & make the flight on to KC? Thank you.
You pre-clear US Immigration and Customs in Dublin.
excellent. Thank you!
We arrive in Boston Logon at 135pm from London then are required to get a connecting flight from Boston to LA FL338 at 254pm, how do we manage this short time bracket for connection. We have to go through customs on arrival as we are coming from international flight?
Thank you