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BOS Gate Connections DISCUSSION

We arrive on Silver Airways from Bar Harbor (Terminal C) at 4:15pm and connect to Alaska in Terminal B with a 6:30pm departure. What is the easiest way to get from Terminal C to B with luggage and how long does it take?
I fly in on a Delta Flight and am meeting my friend who is coming in on a Swiss Air flight from Zurich. What do I have to do to get from where I land to where she comes out from customs?
I will arrive Terminal E by Emirates and depart Terminal C for MSP. I am first time visitor in BOS. From where I have to collect my baggage and check in again for MSP. Looking forward.
I’m arriving into terminal A around 5pm and leaving from C 1 hour later is this doable and what would be the best and quickest to way thanks
Arriving into Terminal E and leaving Terminal A . delta airlines has give us 1.5 connection, is this enough time , thanks
Flying in from Cleveland, Ohio on Jet Blue and departing to Portugal on Azores. Will luggage be transferred by the airport to Azores or do we need to retrieve luggage and check in again at Azores?
Is it possible to connect / walk between Terminal B to C without leaving secure airside? .. Please and thank you.
We are flying LAX to Boston terminal A connection Air Italia and 1 hour to connect to Air Italia in Terminal E, do we have to go through security again since we will be going through LAX security and is it doable in time frame.
You can walk from a stateside terminal to Term E without going through security
Can I get from E councourse to B concourse without going back through TSA?
Which terminal is delta airline international departure