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BOS Gate Connections DISCUSSION

what gate number in Terminal E does sun country airlines use
We are planning to do customs in Dublin so we should be treated like a domestic flight when we land in Boston, no customs again correct? Do we get our luggage, and drop it again at terminal to MSP? And go through security again? We are on a Delta, 2hr layover, will this be enough time?
flying delta from phila to boston making to amsterdam on delta. is 1hr 40 min enough between flights. do i have to go through secutity again.
we are arriving to Terminal E and we have a connection flight from Terminal C.
Do we need to go through the emigration or there is a path between the two Terminals?
If we need to go through the emigration, how we go to Terminal C from Terminal E?
1. There is no emigration in Logan Airport
2. There is a path
Flying Delta - Atlanta to Boston and Delta - Boston to Lisbon. Will it be necessary to change terminals and go through security again? Thanks!
I'm also connecting through Boston on an international trip. Looked up today's versions of same flights and both are in Terminal A but there are two Terminal A buildings. There is some sort of gray line connecting them that could be a walkway but you can't tell from the map. The shuttle map lines are spaghetti. Delta SWEARS they will have people waiting to guide us upon landing in BOS, that we take a shuttle but don't have to go through security again, and won't miss our 42 min connection. I am having skeptical and worried.
time needed to connect to domestic flight to San francisco from international flight from Ireland or England
How do you get from Terminal B to Terminal E in Boston Airport.
Hi, Im flying Lisbon-Boston and have 2,30h between flights.
Arriving at Terminal E and departing Terminal C. flying in 2 different companies
Do you think it will be enough time?
Do I need to pick up luggage and clear customs?
Im flying Boston-San Diego
Can she walk or take a shuttle to meet me in terminal C without going through security ? Is there some other central place to meet?