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I am flying from India to Atlanta via Boston. I have 2 and 1/2 hrs layover in Boston before catching my connection. Is 2 and 1/2 hrs enough to clear immigration and collect baggage and to catch connection?
Hello. I am expected to arrive at BOS Terminal E abroad Qatar next week with my family and would be connecting with JetBlue from Terminal C for my final destination, DTW. My boarding pass will be issued all the way from DOH to DTW. I will arrive at Terminal E as an international passenger - would go through Immigration, clear Customs and reclaim my bags.

My question is that after picking up my luggage from Terminal E arrival, would I be required to roll my baggage all the way to Terminal C for my next flight or does JetBlue have dedicated counters at Terminal E where I can check-in my luggage and stroll to Terminal C?

BTW, the layover time between both flights is approximately 5 hours.
No, you can drop your bags at the re-check desk right after clearing customs in Terminal E.
Looking to fly from Phila to Bos on southwest with air miles. Final destination is Halifax, NS. When we change airlines for Boston to Halifax, do we have to go through security again? Or do we just use the next ticket? If we have 2 hrs with only carry on luggage- is that enough time?
What airline are you flying to Halifax? If you are flying Westjet then you just have to go to your departure gate if you are already checked in for your Westjet flight. If you are flying Air Canada you have to go to Terminal B and through security.
I am arriving at BOS in terminal E at 7:03 p.m. My flight to London (different airline and ticket) leaves from Terminal E at 9:40 p.m (approx. 2 1/2 hrs layover). I have a checked bag that I will need to pick up and recheck between flights and then walk the SkyWalk Bridge from Terminal A to E. Will I have enough time or should I try to change to a flight into Boston to one that is 2+ hours earlier? Also, any tips to speed up the process would be appreciated.
Correction - Flight to BOS arrives at Terminal A.
2.5 hours should be enough time if the first flight is on-time.
Hello - first to cover the specifics--

International arrival route: LIS to BOS (layover in DUB)
International arrival flight: Aer Lingus EI 139
International arrival time: 6:25 PM (Thursday)

Domestic departure flight: BOS to MSY
Domestic departure time: 7:55 PM (Thursday)

- I have Global Entry
- The flights are booked separate
- I have one carry on bag (no checked bags)

Questions related to landing at terminal E and departing terminal A (Delta):
1. If arrival/takeoff is as scheduled, is 1.5 hrs enough time?
2. What is the easiest route from E to A?
3. Will I have to go through security at Boston Logan?
4. Will Global Entry make a difference in this tight window?
5. With a layover in Dublin, could I complete the US Preclearance (USCBP) process? Would this provide similar benefits as Global Entry in this case?

Thanks in advance. I am leaning towards the idea this is not feasible and rescheduling the domestic flight as any delay on the arrival route could cause a miss on the departure.

Other websites consulted:
As a follow up, just called the airport information line and the representative was extremely helpful.

Aer Lingus operates out of terminal C (not E) and the US Preclearance process I mentioned above is completed regardless. Once landing at BOS from DUB you are treated as a domestic traveler so I will go from terminal C to A for domestic departure (~10 min walk or taking Bus 11, whichever is fastest. Once at terminal A I will go through security to get to my gate, where Global Entry will come in handy (for TSA precheck). If there are no/minimal delays on arrival (avg for this flight is 26 min) and I check in 24 hours in advance, it will be tight but doable.
I have a flight from the Azores that lands in Boston at 5:25 - I believe I need to clear customs and then try to make the next flight at 6:55 in Terminal A. That gives me about an hour and a half to book it over there.. is there any chance I will make that flight?
Do you have checked bags?
No checked bags
Then it's possible but leaves no time to spare and be aware that flights from the Azores are frequently late.
flying to PHL on AA on 4/20 - how do we know which place (there are two) our bus drops us off?
American Airlines uses Terminal B. I don't know what bus you are on. But if they make two stops at Terminal B they will be clear about the "American" side vs. the "United" side.
We are flying in on American Airlines - Terminal B - at 10am on a Saturday morning and flying out on Jet Blue - Terminal C - at 12:12pm. Bags are not checked through so we would need to retrieve 1 bag and then re-check our bag at Jet Blue Counter. Is 2 hours and 12 minutes enough time provided the incoming flight is on time?
That should be just enough time if everything goes smoothly.
We arriving on Southwest at 6:40pm to connect to Azores Airlines at Terminal E for a flight at 9:15. What is quickest way to get from terminal A baggage claim to E? Will we have enough time?
The best way is to just walk along the covered outdoor walkways, although it's still a bit of a long walk. You should have enough time.
Land In BOS from LHR at 12.18PM March 16th, Terminal E, connect to Delta flight to CMH leaving Terminal A at 2.35 pm. Is this a viable connection?
If it's all one reservation, that should be enough time. If it's two separate reservations that's very risky.
Yes this is 1 reservation with Delta (LHR-CMH) Once we get through customs & immigration & drop bags at re-check what is the quickest way from Terminal E to A? Thanks for the help.