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We will arrive in Boston on WOW airlines from Iceland with carry on bags at 450p. Our flight to Atl is on JetBlue at 650p. Once we make it through customs, do we have to go through security again? Can we make our flight to Atl?
I am flying from Quito to Toronto, arriving in Boston @ 6:12pm, Terminal E, departing @ 8:25pm, Terminal B. Quito to Boston on Copa, Boston to Toronto on Air Canada, 1 ticket. Is 2hr 13min enough time for customs, immigration, get baggage and recheck baggage? Do I have to go through security twice or just once?
Yes, that should be enough time. You will only have to go through security once at the entrance to the Air Canada gate area.
Hi, I booked through Aer Lingus to fly from Toronto Pearson to Dublin Ireland tomorrow (Sat Jan 20). I have to fly from Toronto to Boston with Air Canada (landing Terminal B at 16:17) and departing Terminal C at 18:25 to Dublin with Aer Lingus. Will I have enough time in Boston? Will I have to pick up my luggage in Boston and go through security or will it be checked through all the way to Dublin? It is easy to get from Terminal B to C? Thanks!
I am arriving on Southwest at 8:30pm and will fly out of British Air to London at 10:50pm. Is that enough time to make my flight?
That's barely enough time if everything goes perfectly. You will have to claim your bags in Terminal A, then go all the way across the airport to Terminal E, re-check your bags with British Airways, and go through security.
What would be an adequate time?
What would be an adequate time?
I'd feel a lot better with over 3 hours.
When arriving in Boston in Terminal A, what is best way to get to Terminal C departure AerLingus (after collecting bags in TA)? Also, is baggage claim on level 1, arrival level 2?
The baggage claim is on the lower level. To get between terminals you can walk through the parking garage complex or take a shuttle bus on the lower level.
How to move between terminal B and C
The best way is to walk. You will then have to go through security again when you get to Terminal C.
I want to know any shuttle or train between terminal B to terminal E
There is a shuttle bus that runs on the lower level.
Arriving from ATL with Delta at 7.20pm connecting to Virgin to LHR at 9.40pm. Bag should be checked all the way through. Can I get to Term E airside? If not, whats the best/quick way?
You cannot make the transfer airside. You have to walk or take the shuttle bus on the lower level from A to E and then go through security again in E.
Thanks. Delta website lied.
Will an hour and 5 minutes be long enough to clear customs in BOS after coming from Copenhagen, then connect on Southwest to Atlanta. I did not book on the same reservation. I'm a bit nervous about this one!! Guessing I'll have to go get my luggage, clear customs and recheck into SWA.
That is absolutely not enough time. You need to change your Southwest flight.
Flight from Charlotte arrives at 12:13am terminal B. Flight to Hong Kong leaves at 1:45am terminal E. One ticket and bags are checked to final destination. Will this be enough time. I can take a earlier flight to Boston with a 3hr 30min connection.
Yes, that should be enough time.