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Flying into Terminal E, Gate E10. Departing Terminal, Gate B1. I have 1 hour 20 minutes between flights, and one checked bag that should be tagged through to final destination. I have Nexus/Global Entry/TSA Pre-Check. Questions:

1. Do I have enough time to make this connection?
2. What is the best way to go from Terminal E to B?
3. Looking at the airport map, it looks like gates B1-B3 are off in their own little security area. Is this true, and will I have to leave airside and go back through security again to get to Gate B1?

Where are you coming from and on what airline? Are both flights on the same reservation? Yes, B1-3 are in their own little area. You would have to go through security anyway when you changed terminals.
Inbound on Lufthansa, outbound on Air Canada. Booked on one reservation.
So im traveling from montreal to boston and have a layover for 4 hrs. I wanted to know if i need to go through immigration again at boston (montreal has pre clearence) or if a flight from canada is treated like a domestic flight? also if i bought a ticket with an international airline but one of the legs is operated by another airline do i need to pick my bags and get them checked again? or is it like any other airport which lets you check your bags all the way through?
Arrivals from pre-cleared locations in Canada like Montreal arrive like domestic flights. If you purchased two separate reservations you will have to claim your bags and re-check them with the second airline. if it's all one reservation then your bags will be checked through.
I arrive from sfo on united. Sister arrives from denver on swa. She arrives first. Where is best place to meet after baggage claim
Flight arrives 7:30am Jet Blue Terminal C DCA to BOS
Flight departs 8:35 am Air Canada Terminal B BOS - YHZ

I have Nexxus
2 separate reservations
may or may not have checked luggage
can I make this flight to Halifax?
with checked luggage?
without checked luggage?

With no checked bags you have a slight chance. With checked bags you have no chance.
I arrive on terminal C at BOS Logan after flying from PIT via jetblue. I have a layover of 1hr and 53 min, and I need to reach terminal E for international flight (qatar). Is the layover enough? Also, do I need to do security again at Terminal E? Thanks!
Yes, that is enough time. If both flights are on the same reservation you can just walk to your departure gate. If it's two separate reservations and you have checked bags you will have to claim them from JetBlue, re-check them in E with Qatar and go through security.
Thanks much!
I'm arriving in BOS Sunday evening from PIT on American, Terminal B. Have a 1 1/4 hour connection to make it to Terminal C for Aer Lingus flight to DUB. One checked bag. Is there time to make the connection?
Oops. Topic should read transfer time between Terminals B to C!!
If everything is on the same reservation and your bag is checked through you should have enough time - if that's the case you just have to walk to Terminal C and go through security. If it's two separate reservation and your bag is not checked through, you'll have a hard time getting it to the Aer Lingus check-in desk before the bag check cutoff.
Excellent - all on one reservation and I'll bring my running shoes :-) Thanks!
I arrive on Delta from Buffalo at 12:48 and connect to Cape Air to Provincetown at 1:16. Can I make the connection
I don't think that's realistically enough time as you have to go from Terminal A to Terminal C, check in with Cape Air, and go through security.
The best way is to walk. Yes, I think you have enough time if the Cape Air flight is on-time.
Thank you. Are there signs telling the best way to walk?
Yes, there are.
Im arriving at Boston Int Airport on Qatar airways i have 2 hours connection to make it to jetblue terminal that's on Dec/22 would that be enough time to make it i know i have to go through security and customs. thank you
It's just enough time if everything goes smoothly.
Dear, I am flyig this Thursday through Boston. Arriving 8.24pm on Delta flight terminal A from pittsburgh and would need to connect to 9.40pm flight (Delta) to Lomdon Heathrow in terminal E. Layover if all goes well is 1 hr 16 min, is that enough time? Is there a walking tunnel between A and E? Thanks
Note that your flight to London will be operated by Virgin Atlantic. You have to exit security and walk through a series of walkways practically across the entire airport to get to Terminal E, then go through security. You have just enough time.