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I will come to Terminal C in JetBlue flight at 8.90 PM on Jan 6th from Detroit. I need to catch Emirates flight in Terminal E at 10.20 PM. If I complete check in process in Detroit will that 1 hr 30 min enough to complete security clearance and catch flight ?
sorry, I will arrive to Terminal C in JetBlue Flight at 8.50 PM
You can actually just walk from your gate in C to your gate in E inside security. You should have plenty of time.
arriving in boston via american airlines at 720a. will i have enough time to walk to air canada gate departing for halifax at 825a?
If the American flight is domestic and you have no checked bags, that should be enough time, especially if you can check in for your Air Canada flight online. You have to go through security again to access the Air Canada gates even though it's the same terminal.
thank you for your prompt reply!! i like this forum as it is very useful!! now that i know i have enough time i don't have to stress:)
arriving boston via american airlines 720a in feb. will i have enough time to get to air canada gate departing to halifax,ns?
Two passengers arriving on flight AC8460 6th January from Montreal at 1707 hrs terminal B to depart E10136 at 1825 hrs terminal C to Dublin. Will this be sufficient time to make the transfer ?
All on one reservation or with no checked bags that should be enough time. With checked bags on two separate reservations that will be very difficult.
I’m flying on Virgin Atlantic from LHR to BOS and then Delta BOS to Raleigh Durham, on one booking. Do I have to collect baggage at BOS or does it get transferred automatically? How long through security - they give us a 1 hour 58 min wait in between. Thanks
Yes, you will have to go through US Immigration, claim your bags, go through US Customs, re check your bags at the re-check desk, then go to Terminal A, through security and to your departure gate.
Thanks ZAP. Helpful. Any idea how long US Customs might take? Worried we will run out of time.
You should have just enough time if everything goes smoothly.
I'm arriving on a United flight from SAV at 6:39 p.m. (Terminal B, according to this website) and departing on Icelandiar flight to KEF at 8:10 p.m. (Terminal E, according to this website). Tickets will be purchased separately and I will have only carry-on luggage. Is 90 minutes enough time, assuming no delays in my arrival time? Thank you.
United doesn't fly from Savannah to Boston, are you stopping somewhere? If so please double check your reservation.
Sorry, I meant to correct myself right after my first post. I'm flying through ATL. So the United flight is from ATL-BOS. Thanks
United doesn't fly from Atlanta to Boston either. Please double check your reservation.
Geesh! Sorry, I need to get it together. We usually fly through ATL so I just assumed. Obviously I don't have this reservation yet but considering it, depending on transfer time. The flight goes through IAD. I have a feeling that no matter where it's coming from though, 90 minutes would be pushing it.
My flight arrives in Terminal B. The Thrifty Car Rental Counter is located in Terminal E. How do I get from Terminal B to E and where is the Thrifty Car Rental Counter in Terminal E?
The counter is not in Terminal E. The counters are in a consolidated facility. You can just take a shuttle bus to the consolidated facility from a number of stops located on the lower level of every terminal.
Hello! I'm flying in on a redeye via United (terminal B) and I'm hoping to take a shower at the airport as I won't be able to check into my hotel until the afternoon. I've heard that The Club lounge has showers, but is located in terminal E. Question: I don't know if this is up to date, but I've heard all the terminals are separated postsecurity, such that you can't transfer directly between terminals. In other words, in order to access the lounge with showers, I would need to exit Terminal B and go through the security line for Terminal E with a valid boarding pass (obviously I'm lacking this). If this is the case, any other ideas on how I can take a shower at the airport? I may look into whether the Hilton has a day pass for their gym that includes showers. Thanks!
No, you won't be able to get into Terminal E after arriving since it is not connected to B and you don't have a boarding pass to get through security in E.
I'm arriving in terminal A from Baltimore (Southwest Air 6740 - 11am). My coworker is arriving in terminal B from Canada (Air Canada 7624 - noon). I hope to meet her at her terminal's taxi area. How do I walk there?
There are signs when you're outside, just follow them, Terminal B is just one building over and the area that Air Canada uses is closest to Terminal A.
If I have a KTN and arriving back in US from Lisbon with checked luggage in Terminal E at 1:20 pm, do I have time to make a 3 pm Southwest domestic flight from Terminal A?
With checked luggage that would be very difficult if not impossible.
Could I do it with only carry=on luggage? Thanks for your quick answer.
With only carry-ons it might just be possible.
Thanks a lot