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Arriving from UK via Amsterdam (no checked baggage) eta Logan 6.30pm. Will I make 8 10 bus realistically?
I'm going to Shanghai from Boston on a Wednesday in July. My flight will depart at 11:11 am, but the bus will arrive at the airport at 8:50 am. So I'm wondering that if I have enough time to pass the customs in two hours?
I am reaching BOS @ 13:50 Hrs and have a connecting BUS (Peter Pan) to RI @ 16:00 Hrs from Airport. Is the time enough to clear immigration and Custom and catch bus within 2 hrs of ETA. Thanks to guide.
We are flying from Barcelona, Spain to Boston on May 9, 2019. We are trying to book connecting flight to DFW. How long will it take for us to retrieve our luggage and go through customs?
I'm supposed to arrive at BOS 12:20 PM on 9/13/2018 and depart for RDU at 2:30 PM same day. Is that enough time to clear through customs without "Global Entry" clearance. I am in the TTP.
Does anyone have a contact number for the bag office for delta at Logan? Not the systemwide number, but the actual local office?
Hi! My son will be arriving at Logan but has no way to weigh his luggage prior to getting there. Is there a place for him to weigh his luggage at the airport BEFORE checking in?? Thanks!

Where can I mail a postcard once I’m through security?
Husband and I are both handicapped. Need assistance with bags to go from terminal B to Terminal E in beginning of April. Trying to arrange for this now but getting a big run around when I call Logan number. Thanks for any help
You booked two separate reservations where your bags aren't transferred? I'm sorry but that's nobody's responsibility but your own.