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are there any bank atms at the heathrow airport
are there any bank atms at the heathrow airport
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I left a childhood favourite toy on the plane on 06/11/2018. I have contacted my airline (British Airways), home airport (Heathrow) and destination airport (Budapest) but they haven't found it yet. What other avenues would you look at/ does anyone have any ideas of who else I could contact?

I was on British Airways Flight BA0874(London Heathrow to Budapest at 12.55pm) in seat 19B.

Thank you,

P.S. I know it's just a toy but he's very important to me- he was with my during inpatient treatment for an eating disorder and also when my dad was diagnosed with cancer, and he's a reminder to me to stay strong. I'm lost without him.

When i am trying to connect from mobile i am not getting registration page. I am seeing connected but when i try to access any page giving error not available. can anyone please help here.
Hello , team lost property at Heathrow Airport .

Myself Rajan Reddiyar from India was at London for reading half marathon & tourism purpose from 16 th to 22 nd March 2018 . I left the London Heathrow Airport terminal 4 departures on 22 nd March 2018 at 9 am with Qatar airlines QR 10 from gate no 5 . While departures I had a sport Kawasaki Hoverboard which is purchased with valid bills from selfridges stores Brentford London & same has been lost at the departures gate Qatar airlines gate no 5 . It has a drawstring bag having number 138165 . Also I have registered it with the MissingX. This is valuable product for me . I m sure u could help me for getting it back . For ready reference going to attach photo copy of purchase , missing property photo , my passport & airticket . Please help me to getting it back , whatever will be the charges or fees neededfor the transaction, I m ready to pay .
My Details references are as under ,
1) Name - Rajan Reddiyar
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Waiting for kind reply .
Thanks with warmest regards

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I flew from Heathrow terminal 4 and may have left my iPad mini at the security check point in the terminal. It is white and gold and has a grey cover. Who should I contact to find my item? Many thanks Bianca Pegler
sir, I will be travelling from Bangalore to Los Angeles by virgin Atlantic airline through Heathrow airport with USA B2 visitor visa and Indian passport. I have to change from terminal 4 to terminal 3 for my onward flight to Los Angeles with layoff time 6 hrs 30 minutes. Do I require transit visa of UK to change terminal at Heathrow airport?
Hi - Does anyone know about how long it is taking these days to get through customs at LHR? I want to know when I should schedule my ride from the airport. I arrive at 1100. Should I plan on one hour? More? Less? (I am a US citizen). Thanks!