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Please can you tell me the correct phone number for The Curator terminal 3
The phone number published on Heathrow website 0208 564 8492
Comes up as a wrong number . Thank you
I'm flying out of T5 - am I able to go shopping in the T4 terminal while waiting for my flight back at T5? Specifically in the shops after security I have 4hrs between my landing at T5 & my next flight at T5
I'm flying in from London (via British Airways) and meeting my friends who are travelling from France (via Alitalia). I believe we are arriving at different terminals. Will be both have to go through customs? Where would be a good place to meet? I land about an hour before my friends do. Thanks!
Most likely you arrive at Heathrow Airport at Terminal 5, which is exclusively for British Airways, or at Terminal 3 where it shares with other airlines. Alitalia will come in at Terminal 4. You will have to pass non-Schengen (foreign) clearance, if your friend has an EU passport, can just pass at the Schengen exit to the unsecured areas of the terminal. As LHR is huge I suggest you open www.ifly.com/lhr and click on "Terminal Map" under QUICK LINKS - scroll down to the extensive text. The site will also list restaurants & shops.