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LGB : Lost Found Oct 10, '17 Comments: 0

Long Beach Airport Traveler Help

My dad lost his wallet yesterday at the Airport. (10/09/17).

What are the Chances of getting it back? a few really important items were in there (Drivers licence and Green Card).

LGB : Wheel chair Sep 12, '17 Comments: 0

Long Beach Airport General Topics

How do I get a wheel chair at the airport? I am traveling 9/14 at 12:55 pm on JetBlue

LGB : CORRECT Parking Information From a Recent LGB Airport Passenger Jan 06, '16 Comments: 0

Long Beach Airport Parking

Please correct your information about the daily charge for Handicapped Parking. Based on your listed price of $11/day, I parked for 18 days with my placard displayed in a designated space. However, rather than paying the expected $198, I was charged $306 instead!! Apparently since October, LGB Airport now charges the regular fee of $19 or $17 with no discount for handicapped parking.

LGB : Try a SHUTTLE instead of parking at the airport or off lot parking Oct 04, '13 Comments: 0

Long Beach Airport Parking

TRY A SHUTTLE SERVICE TO AIRPORT FROM YOUR RESIDENCE OR A BUSINESS ADDRESS, or vice versa FROM AIRPORT TO YOUR or A RESIDENCE or A BUSINESS ADDRESS. THIS CAN SAVE YOU MONEY. there are some listed on iFLY.COM CHECK IT OUT ! ! ! Especially if your gone an extended length of time, your car can stay at home while your gone. My son does this when he travels

LGB : JET BLUE Feb 20, '13 Comments: 0

Long Beach Airport Parking

Sure glad JB moved flight to Ft. Lauderdale to LAX. Just returned from 2 week trip. Taking the FLYAWAY bus for $14 RT from Van Nuys saved over $220 vs. parking at LGB>

LGB : cheapER parking than new parking structu Jan 07, '13 Comments: 0

Long Beach Airport Parking

Through you can sign up via reservations at nearby hotels to park your car. I figured it's $25 cheaper than the airport for my 7 days. Free shuttle.

LGB : Lack of Off Site Parking Options Sep 13, '12 Comments: 0

Long Beach Airport Parking

The Holiday Inn offers a "Park & Fly" Option which is 1 hotel night with up to 14 days of free parking. If the 1st night is booked on SU-TH it is $189 + taxes, and if the first night is FR or SAT, it is approx $149. + Taxes. Extended Stay and Marriot refuse to permit parking at any price

LGB : Other lot looks closed Jul 06, '12 Comments: 0

Long Beach Airport Parking

We always park at the lot on the right side across from the airport. We drove to it today to check it out cuz we were at AAA. It looked closed. There wasn't one car parked in the lot. Please tell me where the other lots are. Do you offer coupons for the parking structure?

LGB : Insanely expensive parking Feb 29, '12 Comments: 0

Long Beach Airport Parking

If someone doesn't come up with less expensive long term parking, I'm saying goodbye to LGB. They are out of their minds if they think we will pay rates higher than LAX. I love flying out of there but will now move to LAX or Burbank.

LGB : Expensive Parking!! Feb 16, '12 Comments: 0

Long Beach Airport Parking

Very expensive parking!!!!
Rates used to be $8/day in 2007, jumped to $11/day in 2009, and now are $17/day in 2011!!!!
Is this inflation or speculation?!?