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I’ll be leaving November 30 returning December 6, 2019 can I make reservations to park in lot A and how much a day Thank you John Gibbs
Do I need a reservation to park in Lot A? I'll be leaving 7AM 11/08; returning 6:30PM 11/13
Am I able to pay for valet parking with my credit card or is it cash only?
Sure glad JB moved flight to Ft. Lauderdale to LAX. Just returned from 2 week trip. Taking the FLYAWAY bus for $14 RT from Van Nuys saved over $220 vs. parking at LGB>
Through globalairportparking.com you can sign up via reservations at nearby hotels to park your car. I figured it's $25 cheaper than the airport for my 7 days. Free shuttle.
checked out the website. only needing to park friday afternoon til sunday night. thought I'd be saving a little, but the taxes made up the difference. haha. good alternative to parking at the airport if you're parking for extended trips i suppose, but not for short weekend trips like mine.
The Holiday Inn offers a "Park & Fly" Option which is 1 hotel night with up to 14 days of free parking. If the 1st night is booked on SU-TH it is $189 + taxes, and if the first night is FR or SAT, it is approx $149. + Taxes. Extended Stay and Marriot refuse to permit parking at any price
Just checked their prices for a Monday night stay, it is now 199.00 for one night up to 14 days free parking. Paying 140 at the airport is a little cheaper but no night at the hotel and free breakfast, but also faster getting to your car and leaving rather than waiting for a shuttle to pick you up.
We always park at the lot on the right side across from the airport. We drove to it today to check it out cuz we were at AAA. It looked closed. There wasn't one car parked in the lot. Please tell me where the other lots are. Do you offer coupons for the parking structure?
If someone doesn't come up with less expensive long term parking, I'm saying goodbye to LGB. They are out of their minds if they think we will pay rates higher than LAX. I love flying out of there but will now move to LAX or Burbank.
Very expensive parking!!!!
Rates used to be $8/day in 2007, jumped to $11/day in 2009, and now are $17/day in 2011!!!!
Is this inflation or speculation?!?
Far more expensive than going to LAX and parking in Hilton Valet!