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Are they serious?? I am driving from Santa Monica so I need to use the lot which has always been reasonably priced. NEVER AGAIN!!! BOYCOTT LGB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
it was cool to park over in that lot by boeing -when they biult that new parking structure- i knew the bigwigs were going to pull that greed angle. long beach has always been run by wanna be insiders and their cronies.
new lot is a total ripoff. Old lot was great.
Anyone find an alternative lot?
Yes, does anyone know of an offsite not LGB parking lot that is cheaper for long-term parking?
I have to park my car for 4 days! Thanks
I'm NEVER going back to Long Beach Airport Again!!!! Most expensive parking at ANY airport I have ever seen. Is this even LEGAL??? It sure as hell is immoral!!!!
rates have shot up to be flyer unfriendly
Nothing like being strong armed paying for a new parking structure when Lot D @ $11 perfectly acceptable. Send a message to LGB authorities: If traveling solo more than two days, use Shuttle toLAX @ $20 each way.
Thanks for the info!
How disappointing that the airport offers convenience for flights as well as reasonable ticket prices only to make it up in absurd parking prices! Next time I'll fly out of LAX!!
Parking rates have increased 55% at Long beach Airport. Open up the offsite lots! Looks like LAX is my new chice of airports!
I agree. Its Long Beach. I am NOT paying $17-$22 per day to park in Long Beach. Rip off!
I agree. I have stopped flying out of Long Beach and now go to LAX. I would rather my money pay for a set upgrade or something of value.
Rip off, yes they have closed Lot D and C. Looking for an alternative.
The airport closed the cheap lot (lot D), so now you have to pay $17/day for parking at the airport - ridiculous!
i cant find the airport parking map
I can't find the map of cell phone lot