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I'm arriving to LAX form Tokyo at 10:40 am, my connection flight to Miami is at 12:50 pm all American airlines flights. Do I have enough time to pass immigration and customs? I have also the world traveler ID
Yes, you will have to go through US Immigration, claim your bags, go through US Customs, re-check your bags at the re-check desk, go through security and to your departure gate. You should have enough time.
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I have booked United & will have 1 23kg bag to check in. I couldn't see an option to pay for baggage when I booked. Do I pay at checkin?
Yes, you will pay at check in.
I will arrive at LAX terminal 8 ( united airlines from San Diego) and will continue to Sweden from terminal B. Do I need to fetch my baggage and check in again at terminal B?
Thanks for all help
If it's all the same reservation you don't need to do anything with your bags. If it's two separate reservations you'll need to claim your bags and re-check them.
Hi i am traveling from texas to lax and arriving at terminal 4. I need to claim my baggage and transfer to tom bradley international terminal for an international flighht. Is there any way that I can reach TBIT from terminal 4 baggage claim without exiting the terminal?
No, you have to walk along the curbfront. What airline are you flying out of the TBIT? Do you have two separate reservations?
Yes I have 2 separate reservations. Im going domestic then international. American airlines to philippine airlines
Then yes, you will have to carry your bags between terminals along the roadside.
I would like to know if our luggage is checked in all the way from Calgary to LA and then on to Melbourne Australia flying Qantas or do we have to claim our luggage from LA and recheck them before flying out to Melbourne?
What airline are you flying from Calgary to LA? Are both flights on the same reservation or are they two separate reservations?
We booked only with Qantas but Qantas use westjet to fly Calgary to L.A
You will pre-clear US Immigration and Customs in Calgary. Your bags will be transferred for you. All you have to do on your way to Sydney is walk from your arrival terminal (T2) to the International Terminal, get your Qantas boarding passes if Westjet can't issue them, and then go through security.
How much time do I need to connect from a Fiji Airlines flight to a United Flight at LAX
I recommend at least 3 hours.
I have an American Airlines flight from JFK to SYD via LAX — my plane arrives into Terminal 4 at LAX from JFK and I leave for SYD from the same Terminal. Will I need to collect my checked baggage and re-check them in at LAX? Or will they automatically be transferred to the next flight as both flights are with the same airline?
No, you do not have to do anything with your bags in LAX on your way to Sydney. There is no US Customs when leaving the US.
Hi, I read that i have to go down stairs to claim my baggage after i arrive at LAX? Wouldn't it take me while to go down there? How is there one rotation carrier luggage thing that will be specially for my plane that i just arrived ine?
It won't take you long to go downstairs and in fact, everyone has to go down there to exit the terminal. Your flight will be assigned a baggage claim carousel. Other flights may also be assigned the same carousel.
Will my bags be checked through to Vegas or can I reclaim them in LAX? Thx
What airlines are you flying?
Hawaiian (would Delta have helped the situation any?)
Hawaiian doesn't fly from LAX to LAS. What airline are you flying on that segment?