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Is there anywhere in the airport to print a COVID test result
Has any one recently travelled by the above flights from LAX to Chennai? Are these flights in any way affected by the new Indian Government international travel restrictions.
I ordered from Cottonmaker some Mary Jane flat shoes and the tracking said it arrived at Los Angeles airport on April 28, 2020 at 8:11am. Tracking shows it is still there. When will this package continue on its journey to my house? It has been 11 days.
I have a tight connection on a subsequent flight (from BKK). I will need a printed boarding pass. I will be travelling from Mexico by the time check-in is available and it would help a lot to be able to print at LAX to avoid queuing in Bangkok. It's not an airline which flies to US (Spice Jet).
How many hours before my flight am I allowed to go through security when flying internationally?
There is a Grayhonding bus station in side the LAX
Which terminal baggage claim Etihad EY171 uses ? Used to be Terminal 4...
I'd like to know how to avoid heavy traffic from Freeway 105 exit to LAX Airport Terminal 3. I am from 405 southbound.
what is the terminal does United to Honolulu HI from LAX

I go out of gate 74 8:45 am flight UA1158
Terminal 7.
Arriving at T3 and need to p/u my bag and get to T2 baggage claim to meet my friends who arrive about 40 minutes later. it will be at about 10:30pm. Can you walk between the terminals?
Yes, you can easily walk between the two baggage claims on the lower level outside.