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I'm looking at purchasing tickets from Melbourne to LAX through AA/Qantas landing at 6:35am with a connecting flight to San Antonio also through AA leaving at 9:35am. Will this be enough time and what is the process upon landing and departing? Also all tickets will be purchased at the same time.
Yes, that should be enough time.
Hello - arriving on KLM at 2:45 pm on a foreign passport - I have an option to get her a flight that leaves at 4;25 from Terminal 1 and I was wondering if she could make that conncection
No, that's not reasonably possible.
I am arriving from Australia with Delta DL40 to Terminal 5 on Monday morning and have a 3 hour layover - time to buy a US sim card for my Samsung Android cell phone.
What is the best place/kiosk or newsagent ? - within LAX terminal to buy one and some credit for 1 month stay in the US ?
Note that you will arrive in the International Terminal, not Terminal 5. Buying SIMS in in airports really isn't a thing in the U.S. unfortunately. You'll have to go to a prepaid wireless store or a wal-mart after you arrive in your destination.
Thanks for the info.. Just queried with Delta reservations and they say I arrive from Sydney DL40 in TERMINAL 5 and after a layover depart Terminal 5 DL 511 on Monday 8th August ??
Now I am confused .. If I do land and go through Customs somewhere else at LAX .. How difficult time wise is it to get to Terminal 5.
Yes, you are correct, all other carrier's flights from Australia arrive in the TBIT because all other immigration facilities are not open that early in the morning, but the Delta flight does arrive in Terminal 5.
How much time does it usually take for luggage to exit the planes at LAX? We are flying in from FLL and trying to schedule a car service to pick us up, but I"m not sure how much time to allow, and how far of a walk it will be. We are scheduled to arrive at 12:56pm, is 1:45 a good time?
Edited to add that we fly in on JetBlue
Yeah, I think 1:45 would be a good estimate.
I'm checking bags about how long will it take me to go through baggage claim and leave the airport on a friday morning?
It really depends on the airline and terminal.
Is 4:30 am ok arrival time for a 6:00 flight?Trixie
It should be.

Any idea why lazy
X is on a ground hold right now
I will be arriving at LAX to attend a conference, I will be in early before the shuttles start. Is there anything like a restaurant available at the terminal 7 baggage claim? Or are they all within the secured area?
The Terminal 7 baggage claim is a crowded space that barely has enough room for the baggage carousels. There isn't even really anywhere to wait there.
I am flying out on Southwest tomorrow at 6. IFly's estimated time shows only that the wait is longer than 21 minutes. Any idea what a realistic time frame is?
Try to arrive by at least 4:30, preferably closer to 4.
What are the Hours of the 1st Class Lounge At LAX? Where is it located?
What airline? What Terminal? You have to be more specific
American, I think Terminal 6.
No American flights that give you access to a first class lounge depart from Terminal 6. Where are you flying?
Also it's overnight flight to CLT.
That is all domestic. Unless you are an Admirals Club member you don't get lounge access from that ticket, even if you buy First Class.