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I saw some people post a couple year ago that they recieved an express connection pass when they have tight connection at LAX so that they could go through immigration via special lense and could get on the next flight in time.

Is that still a thing these days? Do you know what criteria airline has when they issue that pass, i.e. How tight it has to be (lass than an hour, two hours, etc.)?

Thank you
I have never heard of such a thing. What connection are you atttempting?
Hi! I wanna fly from Orlando Int airport to LAZ airport, will I go through immigration at LAX airport?
There is no Immigration when flying on domestic flights in the United States.
My son is arriving from Lima to LAX. How strict are the customs and how long does it take to get through?
It will take him 30-60 minutes to get through immigration and customs, depending on how busy it is when his flight arrives.
Due to injury, not flown since New Year 2016. Has CBP reopened at Terminal 4 for American 109 or 135 arrival from London Heathrow or is it still cleared at TBIT? Any info or update would be very helpful. Thanks
We are flying from Melbourne Australia to Quito via LAX and IAH.
Is a 2hr 20m layover in LAX sufficient to clear immigration, collect bags, clear customs, re-check bags and travel from Term B to Term 7? Can bags be rechecked all way to Quito?
Is there a shuttle between terminals?
If all flights are on United your bags will be tagged to Quito but you will still have to claim them at LAX to go through security. There is a shuttle to Terminal 7 but I suggest walking (the shuttle gets stuck in traffic). You won't have to do anything with your bags in Houston. You have enough time for your connection at LAX.
My Hawaiian flight due in at 5am and is typically early by at least a few minutes. Can I even think about getting on a United Flight that leaves at 5:45 if I'm in 1st class with TSA Pre-check. Hawaiian and United have a baggage agreement.
So, I have a 10:40 PM departure time flight with American on Sunday. I am at an event that doesn't end until 8:30, making it look like the earliest I could get to LAX is 9 pm. Am I delusional in thinking this has a slight possibility that it may work? I know it is cutting it close - living near another major airport, I don't like to get to the airport later than 2 hours before boarding time. But this was the latest flight that was available :/ Looks like there's a 12:20 am flight worst comes to worst, but I really need to be on my ticketed flight.
If you can get there by 9:15 I think you'd be OK. Even 9:30 might be doable.
Good to know, thank you so much!!!
I'm looking at purchasing tickets from Melbourne to LAX through AA/Qantas landing at 6:35am with a connecting flight to San Antonio also through AA leaving at 9:35am. Will this be enough time and what is the process upon landing and departing? Also all tickets will be purchased at the same time.
Yes, that should be enough time.
Hello - arriving on KLM at 2:45 pm on a foreign passport - I have an option to get her a flight that leaves at 4;25 from Terminal 1 and I was wondering if she could make that conncection
No, that's not reasonably possible.
I am arriving from Australia with Delta DL40 to Terminal 5 on Monday morning and have a 3 hour layover - time to buy a US sim card for my Samsung Android cell phone.
What is the best place/kiosk or newsagent ? - within LAX terminal to buy one and some credit for 1 month stay in the US ?
Note that you will arrive in the International Terminal, not Terminal 5. Buying SIMS in in airports really isn't a thing in the U.S. unfortunately. You'll have to go to a prepaid wireless store or a wal-mart after you arrive in your destination.
Thanks for the info.. Just queried with Delta reservations and they say I arrive from Sydney DL40 in TERMINAL 5 and after a layover depart Terminal 5 DL 511 on Monday 8th August ??
Now I am confused .. If I do land and go through Customs somewhere else at LAX .. How difficult time wise is it to get to Terminal 5.
Yes, you are correct, all other carrier's flights from Australia arrive in the TBIT because all other immigration facilities are not open that early in the morning, but the Delta flight does arrive in Terminal 5.