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I arrive terminal 4 and meeting family at terminal 2. After claiming by bag how do I get there?
The best way is walking
How can I book a bus or train from LAX to Palm Springs Airport?
There are no trains to Palm Springs and no train at LAX. There is also no scheduled bus from LAX to Palm Springs or even Los Angeles to Palm Springs - you have to take a bus from downtown LA to Indio and then take a taxi or various municipal buses to Palm Springs. It will take over 7 hours. If you can't drive I recommend flying or using Tesloop - a car service that links LA and Palm Springs -
I am arriving at Terminal 1. Once I get my luggage where do I go to be picked up by an Uber driver? THANKS!
The Uber app will tell you when you open it at the airport.
I posted the question in June.
I am arriving on Latam Airlines on an international flight at 6:20 am. At what time should I book a super shuttle?
7 or 7:15 AM
7:30 if you can.
Landing at LAX 7.30pm. Staying for a few days. What time should I book a shuttle to take us to hotel. Some say they wait 60mins.
Is it an international flight or a domestic flight?
Is there a private service for hire to assist 2 passenger from Terminal 6 to the Bradley International terminal?
No, there is no such service for hire.
I'm landing at 6:45 am on American Airlines. Ground transportation leaves at 7:00 AM. Is that enough time?
No, that will be fairly impossible.
Is 2 hours enough time to arrive in LAX by Air Tahiti Nui and get on a flight to BWI on southwest?
It's very risky because you have to transfer your bags yourself to Terminal 1 to re-check your bags with Southwest and get them there before the bag check cutoff.
I am arriving at LAX via Horizon Airlines and need to go to the international terminal to catch a flight that is departing in less than two hours from my arrival. What is the best way to get to the international terminal?
Just walk along the cubfront.
I am flying in from Beijing in Air China, they tell me on Terminal 2, at 6 PM. How easy or difficult is it to go between terminals? I need to buy my continuing flight to Miami and I am debating which airline to use? I will have to carry my own luggage from Terminal 2 to whatever other terminal I end up at. I would love to fly home that night if connecting time permits. Thank you
Yes, Air China will arrive in Terminal 2. It's pretty easy to get between terminals if you give yourself some time, especially going to 1, 3, or 4 would be pretty easy from 2. So if you want to fly to MIA, AA would probably be easiest as they have 3 redeyes that you could fly. Unfortunately, nobody flies any LAX-So. Fla flights that leave after 6 that are not a redeye (if that's what you're looking for). JetBlue also has a 10:15 PM redeye from Terminal 3 to Fort Lauderdale if that works for you.