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Traveling with a 5 pieces of luggange and am spening the night in LA I didn't want to haul all the luggage with me to my hotel. Is there a storagee facility at the airport and what is the cost
I know this normally is not advisable but we really have no other option, I have a teenage child flying through LAX alone. She lands in LAX around 10pm and does not board her next flight until 8am the following day. Clearly she has to stay overnight in the airport. Flies into terminal 3 or 6 and then will fly out of terminal 4 because she switches airlines. Will she have to collect her baggage and go through security again?

She is returning home with at least two bags so a carry on only won't work. She is very responsible and flies alone often, we have just always managed to pull it off so this did not happen but the flight scheduling gods were not on our side this time and no other flights were available. Any helpful advice is greatly appreciated.
There are no airlines that use both terminals 3 and 6. What airlines is she flying? Yes, she will have to transfer her bags between terminals herself and go through security again when it opens in the morning.
Alaska and then American for the second flight. I was going off what I found find on the directory. Appears that Alaska can use 3 or 6? Regardless, it isn’t the same terminal that American flies out of. Thank you!
All Alaska flights use Terminal 6. American uses 4 and 5, so everything will be on the same side. She will be able to re-check her bag and go through security at about 4:30 AM.
Hi, I am flying from Orlando and arriving at lax at 9:56 am on united airlines and will be connecting to ANA international @ 1210 pm. I have 2 hrs and 14 mins between flights. is this enough time to transfer from UA domestic to ANA international? reservation is on the same ticket. Thank you!
Yes, that is enough time. You can even go from your arrival gate in T7 to your departure gate in the International Terminal inside security now.
I will be coming in to LAX from Narita, Japan, and I have a connecting domestic flight from LAX to Portland. Is the 2 hours 15 minutes layover time is enough to complete immigration, customs, and moving from the TBIT to terminal 6?
What airlines are you flying? Is it one reservation or two separate reservations?

My 2 children (10 and 2) will be arriving from PDX at 12.25 am and leaving to GDL at 7:00 am through Alaska Airlines. How adequate are the lobbies for a 6 hour overnight wait?
The International Terminal food court is really the only place you could wait. Your kids are going to be very tired and it's not very comfortable.
I will arrive at 12.20pm (noon) from ARN (Sweden) with SAS and then my flight to Nadi (Fiji) is leaving 10.30pm (evening). Do I have to go through immigration, get my luggage and then check in again with Air Fiji ? Is there any dayroom to rent at the airport?
Yes, you have to do all of that. There are no dayrooms at LAX. The Fiji Airways check in desk won't open until about 7:30 PM.
I am arriving late into LAX at about 8pm at TBIT and my connecting flight to OGG is not until the next morning at 830 on AA. Is there a safe place or where would I be able to wait for all these hours with my baggage and possibly get a little sleep?
The only area open all night is the lobby of the TBIT.
I will be arriving at LAX at 11:00 AM on Sept. 30, and leaving 10:00 AM on Oct. 1. So, I have 23 hours lay over in L.A. We (two people) plan to visit universal studio and back in the night in LAX so we do not have to spend in a hotel. How do we get to Universal studio and return with the most economical way? Since in LAX have no luggage storage I will bring carry on baggage but this is not practical. Any suggestion regarding our carry on luggage? Is there any car rental onsite NOT outside? Thank you.
There are lots of car rentals with shuttles that will pick you up at your terminal. That's the only realistic way to do this and have a place to store your bags since as you mentioned, there's no baggage storage in the airport and you can't bring your bags into Universal Studios.
Thank you very much for your information. is that possible to return a rental car at about 10:00-ish PM and they drive us with shuttle to the airport?
Yes, lots of people drop off cars late in the evening because there are "redeye" departures to the east coast of the US from 11 PM to 1 AM.
Thank you very much for your information.
I am flying Delta from SYD to LAX arrival LAX 7:45 AM on Nov 22, will need to go through custom/immigration, collect my bags then re-check the bags at Delta. Delta leave LAX to MCO at 10:10 AM.
This is with one booking. Do I have enough time? Do I need to carry my bag from international terminal to domestic flight terminal? Thanks very much for your help.
Yes, that is enough time. You can re-check your bags at the re-check desk in the International Terminal after clearing Customs. You don't have to take them with you to T2 or T3.
I am flying to LAX from Montreal arriving @ 7:53 pm terminal 6. My connecting flight is @ 10:05 pm from the tom Bradley international terminal. I am hoping the bags will be transferred by airport crew. Would the 2 hours be sufficient to make it from one terminal to the other, pass customs and make our flight?
Yes, that should be enough time. You will pre-clear US Immigration and Customs in Montreal and there is no US Customs when leaving the US. If your bags are checked through then you can now go from T6 to the International Terminal inside security through T5 and T4 and the connector building.
Thank you. I feel more at ease about the transfer time now.