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Hi, we are arriving in Terminal 6 and connecting to a flight in Tom Bradley Terminal. Do we need to exit and thus need a USA visa? We are holding a Singapore passport. Please advise. Thanks!
Im arriving in Terminal 1 goint to terminal B how much time do I need before my flight.
Flying IAD to LAX to SIN with United. 40 min connection at LAX, is that enough time?
Hi, I'll be travelling on AA from IAH, layover in LAX, and then a Qantas flight to Melbourne, all on one booking.

What's the shortest layover time I would need? There's a flight available with 2 hrs, is that enough time?
Flying Delta domestic from Las at 18.05 arriving into Lax at 19.30 for our Virgin Atlantic (vs) flight to Heathrow at 20.45. Delta now advising flight to arrive into terminal 2 and our LHR flight leaves from terminal 2 all on one ticket and only carry on, do we have to clear security in terminal 2 or head straight for departure? Many thanks
can I please have the most direct and fastest route to make my connection at gate 85
American Airlines flight from XNA to LIH with a connection at LAX. Changing from T5 to T4. Will we need to do baggage claim and security at LAX?
Final destination Norfolk Va from LAX what terminal do I check into
My Hawaiian Air flight arrives at terminal 2 at 5am, i need to collect checked luggage and catch a southwest flight in terminal 1 at 7:30am. Do I have enough time?
I have a tight connection and need to get from T7 75A to 85. About how long will that take at a brisk pace?