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LAX Gate Connections DISCUSSION

I am flying into LAX on Allegiant Airline and trying to book a connection. I am trying to figure out how much time I need from the time I land to get to the next flight, connection flight could be Hawaiian Airlines or American. Please advise how I can find this information?
Do you have to take a bus?
I would better take a taxi. Heard about AtoB transfer? they told it's a new service and l just checked the site. Seems like something good https://atobtransfer.com/
Arriving on united airlines and connection is delta which terminals and how do I get there
I plan to flight from Vancouver to Maui, with a stop on LA (LAX) airport.
The company presents a 50minutes stop (without terminal change), and I down know if it is sufficient...
Do we need to reclaim the baggage in LA and go to customs?
50 minutes is enough?

Thank you!
Pedro Enes
I am arriving on American Airlines terminal 4 and departing on FIJI Air international terminal. Do I have to depart the terminal and go back through security or walking are terminals connected. Thanks
I’ll arrive with a China Airlines international flight and go domestic on Southwest at Terminal 1. Will 1:50 connection time be enough?
How do I get from my Southwest flight to American terminal
I Will From Vegas to Los Angeles and after have connection From Los Angeles LAX to Guarulhos GRU. The company is the same AA. Is necessary to catch the lugagge and re-send to GRU?

Arriving in Terminal 4 gate 46C
Departing from Terminal 4 Gate 43
Who to do for dispatch the luggage?
Ineed to catch AA1555 on 16/10/2019 @12.55 pm what terminal will I go to