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Hi! at the end of october im flying from Chile to Asia with Cathay Pacific. i bought the US-Asia leg, and now i'm going to buy the ticket with LAN from Santiago to Los Angeles (or maybe another). My outbound flight is the CX885 (11:55) and the inbound the CX882 (13:00) which is the minimum connecting time that i had to consider, having two different bookings? Thanks in advance
I would want AT LEAST 3 hours.
Thank you Zap!
I will be travelling on Virgin Australia with my two young children, and apparently check in is at Terminal 2 but departure is from the TBIT. Can I check in at terminal 2 then go to TBIT without going through security in terminal 2? Basically I want to know if my husband can help me transfer to the TBIT, as he won't be flying with us. TIA for any help!
Yes, you can just walk over to the TBIT along the walkways along the curbfront to go through security there.
Hello, we're flying Delta from CVG to LAX, arriving at Terminal 3;
then from LAX to CAN (Guangzhou, China) departing from Terminal B, with Southern China.
We buy both flights together through Delta online.
1. Do we need to go through security again in LAX, from T3 to TB?
2. Is 2 hour layover time enough?

Thank you!!!
If it's all on the same reservation you can just take a shuttle bus inside security from T3 to the TBIT and go to your departure gate. You should have enough time if that's the case.
Do I have enough time to arrive in TBIT terminal and get to delta terminal (2 or 3) to NOLA in one hour?? I will have no checked luggage. Delta moved our departure time up 45 minutes and now I only have 1 hour to get through customs, go through security, and to whichever terminal. I’m kind of freaking out and they said they can’t put us on another flight
No, that's not really enough time. Maybe if your flight arrives a little early and you run you can do it. You can always reject the schedule change from Delta, get a refund, and book a flight on a different airline. Note however, that the 1 hr 45 minutes you had to begin with wasn't enough for an international to domestic connection in LAX on two separate reservations anyway.
Thanks for the reply! We called Delta again and the second person helped us out and put us on a way later flight with no charge. It’s not a direct flight like the original, and we will be getting home 12hours later than we expected, but I think that’s a lot better than worrying our butts off and probably missing our flight home anyway! Cost for a new ticket was about $450! We had given up on delta fixing this, but if you stay persistent, patient, and kind there might be a chance someone helps you out.
I am meeting up my boyfriend in Los Angeles. We are departing Los Angeles on two separate airline- he is going home(international) through Singapore Airline and I am going home (domestic) through Delta. I understand that Singapore Airline will be in Tom Bradley International Terminal and Delta Domestic will be either terminal 2 or 3. I wanted to see if I can clear security with him at TBIT since I am departing 40 mins after him and go to my terminal via Delta Shuttle. Is there a more efficient way for us to meet before he leave? Thank you!
Yes, I believe you could do that.
I am flying to Sydney from NYC. I connect in LAX. I land at terminal 2 45 mins before my SYD flight takes off from TBIT. Is this connection very doable or is it a roll of the dice. Thanks!
What airlines are you flying?
Flying from Tampa to LAX, connecting to Vancouver. Delta has informed us that we must recheck our bags since Vancouver is international. Can someone tell me if I have this right? In LAX, go to baggage claim and get bags, go to WestJet ticketing to recheck bags, go through security checkpoint to access our terminal. Sound about right?
That is incorrect. All you have to do at LAX is go from your arrival gate to your departure gate.
Thanks for helping. This is what I’m getting from Delta as a trip notification:
When flying from LAX direct to Atlanta, Detroit, Hawaii, DC, JFK or international, you must check bags at Terminal 2 before going to departure terminal. Other destinations please use Terminal 3. Carrying on only? Go directly to departure terminal.

Since it’s a connecting flight, I should only go to my departure gate for Vancouver?
I am arriving on an international flight at TBIT and will have to clear customs. I will only have carry on luggage. I then have a domestic flight from T2 on Delta. I see that Delta has a shuttle from the TBIT departing gate area to T3 and T2 . Is it possible to get from customs to the departing gate area of TBIT without having to clear security again?
No, that is not possible. You are always outside security after you clear customs.
I'm flying Delta from OGG to Las Vegas with a connection in LAX set at 30 min. Is this enough time?
It's possible but it leaves no time to spare, especially if you have to change between Terminals 2 and 3.
Hi I am flying from Heathrow to LAX with British Airways then on a AA flight to Tuscon, this is my first time doing this trip, I think the Tuscon flight goes out of terminal 4 I have about 3 hours between flights, will that be long enough and how easy is it to get from one plane to the next plane
Yes, that should be enough time. After you clear customs and re-check your bags you can go through security in the TBIT and then walk to your departure gate through the connector building.