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I will be getting in at 10:00 AM on Southwest. Will I have enough time if our flight for All Nippon leave the TBIT at 12:45PM. Is it quicker to walk or wait for the shuttle?
That's just enough time if everything goes smoothly. At that time of day it's probably faster to walk.
We have a connection on United. Thinking it will be coming in T6. Can we get to the smoking area in TBIT without going thru security. We have an hr and 10 min layover. Or is there any other smoking areas?
It is possible to go from T6 to the TBIT inside security but you don't really have a lot of time to spare.
Also, United doesn't use T6, they use T7 and T8.
I am looking to book a ticket with Southwest landing LAX on Sunday 9:45am domestic arrival and a departing ticket at 12:10pm in TBIT on Asiana. Is this enough time to transfer?
That is barely enough time if everything goes smoothly. You have to transfer your bags yourself to the International Terminal.
We will arrive on Southwest and have 50 minutes to get to the Alaska Airlines/Virgin Air gates with checked luggage. Will we have enough time? Our arrival is 9:15 and our departure is 10:05 on a Thursday morning.
No, you have absolutely no chance of making that connection.
Hi -- I am wondering if I have enough time to go the Alaska Lounge in T6 on a Saturday early morning around 5:15am right after it opens at 5am for 15-30 minutes and still have enough time to make it to T3/2 for Delta Flight that leaves at 6:45am? Do I need to go out and back through security or is there a way to get from T6 to T3/2 with out going outside? Also, about how long will the walk take for average paced walker with 1 roller bag + personal item?

Thanks in advance!
Likewise -- I have the choice with my priority club pass to use International TB lounge, so I'm debating which club TB vs. Alaska(T6) would be best and easiest to make my 6:45am flight on Delta in T3/2. I'd like to know the time it would take for both options T6 & TB ---> T3/2 and if I have to go back through security in both options.
There is no way between T6 and T2 or 3 inside security. It would not be worth such a short visit to go through security twice. Terminal B is closer to Terminal 2 and 3 than Terminal 6.
Thank you so much for your response! Is the route from Terminal B to T3/2 still within security or would I have to exit and re enter again?
Delta has a shuttle inside security between B and T2/3 but I don't know if you can actually take it from B to 2 or 3, I just know that you can take it from 2 or 3 to B.
I am arriving with Virgin in T6 but meeting someone who is arriving with HAL in T5.
Is the baggage claim for Virgin down on the ground level? After I have my bags is there
an easy way to meet my friend in the baggage claim for HAL at T5? Is it in walking
distance? About how long to get there?
Yes, all baggage claims are on the lower level. Yes, you could meet your friend on the lower level sidewalk between terminals 5 and 6.
How long of a walk from T6 to T5? How far from T5 to TBIT?
it's 5-10 minutes from T6 to T5. It's 5-10 minutes from T5 to the TBIT.
have to get baggage and recheck it at Fiji. should we get a wheel chair. cant run
If the first flight is on-time you have enough time. I Don't know your abilities so I'm not really in a position to tell you if you need a wheelchair or not, but this isn't a connection that you have to run to make.
Since 2 separate itineraries/tickets, I will need to claim bag from SWA and then go to international terminal to check bag, etc. How much time would you allow, and is the shuttle the best way to get between those 2 terminals?
I would want at least 3 hours. The best way between terminals is walking. Due to traffic the shuttle is very slow.
I have a single itinerary ticketed via American, traveling from San Antonio to LAX (arriving 4:25pm), and connect for a flight to Kauai (departing 5:20pm). I'm carry-on only and a fast walker.

55 minutes is a close connection. Assuming on-time arrival at LAX, is this sufficient time if the arrival/departure terminals at are different?

Since booking this flight, I've read about difficulties transiting from a remotely located American Eagle terminal that requires a shuttle to reach the main American terminals.

Any advice is appreciated. Thank you.
That is enough time, even if you have to go between terminals 5 and 4. Yes, the remote American Eagle terminal requires a shuttle to reach Terminal 5, but I wouldn't call it "difficult".
Is 1 hour long enough to switch from Alaska's terminal 6 to Virgin America's terminal 3? We arrive at 8:44 and the virgin America flight leaves at 9:45, thats only 1 hour and im getting stressed now because of it
Both airlines now use Terminal 6. You just have to walk from your arrival gate to your departure gate.