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My 15 yo daughter is making the International flight to Domestic connection on her own for the first time next week. She's flown through LAX/TBIT a number of times, but doesn't do well in crowds or high-pressure situations, so we want to make sure she has all the details she needs to stay calm and not miss her flight.
She arrives at TBIT at 9 am Sunday on a flight from Melbourne. Her domestic flight leaves Terminal 5 (she's flying Allegiant) at 1:20 pm.
We believe she'll need to go through Customs (she has an Australian & US passport), collect her checked bag, use the terminal tunnels from TBIT to Terminal 5 (it doesn't look like there is a sidewalk to the left terminals), check her bag at the Allegiant desk, go through TSA, then to her gate.
Is this accurate? Is there a better route that would be faster? We think 4 hours is tight, but do-able. Please advise. Thanks!
She will have to take the sidewalk - there is one - because the tunnels are inside security and she can't get there with her bag that she needs to check with Allegiant. You have the rest of it right. I think she has enough time.
Great! Thanks, Zap!
Glad to hear it's as simple as getting through the steps and following the sidewalk. Fingers crossed that her being on an early morning flight will mean that Customs won't be too backed-up.
Really appreciate your assistance!
I am flying from Mexico to Seattle with separate tickets, but they are all American Airlines. My first flight is cancun to Lax with a layover in Dallas. Since I will be going through immigration and customs in Dallas, is 1.5 hours enough time to collect baggage and check back through security in LAX?
Yes, that should be enough time.
Arriving LAX - TBI on PR 112 ( intl flight ) this flight is delayed and scheduled to arrive at 1116am. My connecting flight on WN to Austin atb1245pm ( terminal 1 ) not sure if time is enough.
That connection is pretty much impossible. Change your Southwest flight.
I am arriving at LAX from New Zealand at 2:10 pm. I plan to collect my one bag, go through security and catch a a United flight leaving at 3:50. Will I have time to make that United flight? My 2 flights were booked separately.
That is very very difficult, bordering on impossible if you can't get your bag tagged to your final United destination.
Arrive at 7.15 am on AA and connect terminal 4 at 8.47 am. Is there a TSA pre check line? I have one checked bag. Is this possible all things being on time?
Where are you arriving from? That should be just enough time.
I arrive on Air NZ at TBIT at 7.25pm and have a domestic flight to SFO at 9.40pm. Is this enough time? If I have checked in on line for my domestic flight will I be able to drop my bag after arrivals in TBIT or will I have to check in at United?
If your bags are tagged to SFO you can drop them after clearing customs in the TBIT. Otherwise you have to take them to T7 to check them with United.
Hi, I will be landing in LAX (Cathay) on TBIT terminal and I need to connect to my AA flight within 2 hours to Las Vegas (I believe it will be T4).

Given Cathay and AA are oneWorld, even if its separate ticket, can I have my bags checkthrough ? Based on my research, I will still need to pick up and re-check the bag again in LAX ?

Will I be able to make it in 2 hours assuming I am flying business and able to running out of the gate?
You have to claim your bags at LAX in order to take them through US Customs, even if you get them tagged to LAS. You have just enough time if everything goes smoothly.
I am flying from Tokyo Haneda to Boston on Americn Airlines with a first stop at LAX. Do I need to clear customs at LAX and what is the process. Do I have enough time with only a 2 hour layover?
Yes, at LAX you will go through US Immigration, claim your bags, go through US Customs, re-check your bags at the re-check desk, go through security and to your departure gate in Terminal 4 or 5.
I'm flying Alaska Air, arriving at LAX from SFO at 7:35am on a Wednesday (Valentines Day) with a departure to Cancun scheduled for 8:35am. Is 90 minutes enough time for this transfer?
I actually just noticed that the int'l flight out of LAX is Virgin, not Alaska...
Yes, all you have to do is go from your arrival gate to your departure gate if both flights are on the same reservation.
Have a United flight from Sydney to LAX arriving 6:30am. Want to know if there's enough time to make my American Airlines flight departing LAX at 8:30am to Cabo (SJD)
With checked bags that would be very difficult. With no checked bags it is just enough time.