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Our Alaska flt is scheduled to arrive at Terminal 2 at 9:4 pm and our China airline flt is scheduled to depart at 12:06 Am. We need to pick up our luggage and re-check it in for the China airline flt? Is there a walk way from Terminal 2 to Terminal B, and is it secure, or do we go thru TSA again?
You will have to go through security again in the International Terminal since you have to leave security to claim your bags. Also Alaska Airlines uses Terminal 6, not Terminal 2.
Can we get on the plane on time?
You should have enough time.
Our Delta flt is scheduled to arrive at Terminal 2 at 12:10 pm and our United flt is scheduled to depart at 2:30 pm. Do we need to pick up our luggage and re-check it in for the United flt? Is there a walk way from Terminal 2 to 7, and is it secure, or do we go thru TSA again?
Yes, you have to claim your bags from Delta and re-check them with United and go through security again. You have barely enough time if everything goes perfectly.
If I arrive on a Delta flight from Atlanta (I hear they have moved from Term 5 to Terminal 2) and have to connect to a Delta/VA flight to Brisbane do I have to leave terminal 2 and go to TBIT and if yes does that mean I have to go through security again? Or is there a behind security set up like there was from Terminal 5?
Delta runs a shuttle inside security from T2 to the TBIT.
Hi we are arranging flights for Saturday 19th jan next year flying from United SYD to LAX arriving terminal B at 6.30am and need to get on a United connection LAX to Jackson Wyoming leaving terminal 7 at 8.45am
We will have kids and ski gear. Is that enough time to clear customs recheck luggage??? and get to terminal 7 from terminal B.

On the return it will be United SLC to LAX arrive 9.36pm terminal 7 leaving LAX B 10.45pm again on United.

You have enough time on the way to Jackson. On the way back both flights will be in Terminal 7/8 and all you have to do is walk from your arrival gate to your departure gate. Note however that your actual schedule will probably change between now and January.
Hi: I will be arriving at the LAX international terminal and transferring to AA terminal. Will I need to go through security twice - once after immigration and then again when I get to the AA terminal? Thanks
You will go through US Immigration, Customs, and then security. You can either go through security in the International terminal and then walk to T4 or T5 via the connector building, or walk to T4 or 5 outside security and go through security there.
Hi! Considering booking AMER Air flight 1845 YYZ to PER
IF ON TIME, . AA#1845 ETA @ LAX 2110h. Then AA flight #73 ETD LAX to Syd @ 2240h.
Assuming my bag will be checked thru, will I have to change terminals and clear security between those flights AND MOST IMPORTANTLY, is the 90 minute connection adequate?
I'm loathe to book with a short connection, but on viewing several sites, they each have the same AA flights with the same 90 minute connection, so no real alternative (except to stay home.) I don't mind sitting/people watching , but a minimum 5.5h layover on a ~29hr+ total flight is a tad excessive. Would appreciate your valued opinion. Tks!
All you have to do is walk from your arrival gate to your departure gate at LAX. You will pre-clear Us Immigration and customs in Toronto.
Thank you SO much! After posting here, I contacted AA reservations whose AA Rep 'Amy' assured me that since it was a 'verified flight' there would be adequate time, and if, for some reason there was a glitch, AA was obligated to get me on the very NEXT flight (to SYD) even if it was with another carrier. With your kind reply andAA reassurance, I'll proceed to book. THANKS AGAIN!
Can u walk from terminal 6 to terminal B and how long is it briskly? Also do u have to go thru security again?
You can walk inside security from T6 to the TBIT by taking the tunnels through T5 to T4 and then the connector building to the TBIT. It will take 15-20 minutes.
Can you walk from 6 to B, how long a walk at a brisk pace and do you have to go through security again?
I fly into LAX June 21 on Delta 1682 arriving 9:35pm and depart on Delta 6794 11:50pm to Brisbane. Do I have enough time and do I have to change terminals and go through security again?
Flying back from Brisbane July 12 on VA7 arriving 6:55am and must catch Delta1140 at 11:50am, is that enough time to go through customs/immigration get bag and go wherever connecting flight departs from? all flights booked on one transaction. Thank you
Yes, that should be enough time both ways.
Thanks. Do I change terminals June 21 when I arrive at LAX to catch my connection to Brisbane...do I have to go through security again
Hi! We have a domestic Delta flight arriving at 9:30 AM on a Friday morning (average 38 minutes late), and need to make an ANA flight to Japan leaving at 1:10 PM. Even though this seems like a lot of time, we are worried about getting between terminals and re-entering security. Is that enough time? Thanks.
With checked bags that will indeed be VERY difficult. Without checked bags you should have just enough time.
Thanks so much for your helpful comment.