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Arriving from Asia on Japan Airlines at International Terminal at 11:45am. I need to fly onward from LAX to San Francisco on a separate ticket (w/checked bag). I have no idea how long it will take to get through customs, collect bags, and check in on time for next flight. I'm considering the domestic departing flight either at 2:15 Virgin America, 2:39 United, or 3:15 American. Which is best? Are any of these closer to the international terminal. Does that matter? Thanks!
Thee first flight I would consider is the 2:39 United flight. American is closer to the International Terminal than the other two airlines (and you can earn JAL miles by flying American).
Relatives are arriving at LAX via Virgin Atlantic. Do arriving passengers go through immigration and customs at terminal 2, Or do they have to clear I&C at Bradley terminal?
They will arrive in Terminal 2.
We are flying into Lax on Southwest and leaving for Hawaii on delta. Since we have to collect our luggage in terminal 1 and recheck and back through security in terminal 5, I was wondering if 2 hours is enough time to get done and back to gate for next flight??? Thanks
Delta no longer uses Terminal 5. They use Terminals 2 and 3. That is just enough time if everything goes smoothly.
I am flying Virgin Atlantic out of Terminal 2 but I would like to go to a lounge in the Tom Bradley International Terminal. Can I do this after security checkin?
No, you can't.
Yes, you can actually use the Delta shuttle inside Terminal 2 to transfer to Terminals 3 and TBIT. I am an employee at LAX and used it yesterday afternoon.
Thanks CD. As I am flying on Virgin Atlantic rather than Delta, is it still OK to use the shuttle?
Also, you don't mention about using it the other way, from TBIT to T2 or T3, which I don't know is possible since who would be arriving in the TBIT and be inside security and need to reach T2 or T3?
I booked my flight from Tucson (17:46) to the Los angeles airport (arriving at 18:28) in delta airlines, and a flight to Manila departing from TBIS at 21:50, I have to recover my checked bags, and go check my luggage again and go through security (because these are two separate tickets) will that be enough time?
That should be enough time.
I am flying from Detroit to Maui on Delta, with a stop in LAX. I read something about checking baggage in terminal 2 and boarding in terminal 3 . Does this apply to me, or will my baggage automatically transfer since my trip originated in Detroit?
Your bags are transferred automatically. However you may have to change between T2 and T3. Delta has a shuttle bus inside security. in case you have to.
I am returning from Asia on EVA Air to LAX. Then I am flying on Delta to Albuquerque.
My question is: After collecting bags and clearing customs, can I check them back in with Delta airside, without exiting security?
You will be outside security when you clear customs whether you have checked bags or not. You will have to take your bags to T2 or T3, check them with Delta, and then go through security.
Thanks for confirming that. I have a tight connection due to Delta moving up the departure time. I will have to change the flight.
We are flying from Portland to Costa Rica via LAX. When in LAX, do we have to go out of the security area and into international connections thus having to go through security again? Also, do bags automatically go through or do we have to get them and then check them again in the international terminal?
There's no such place as "International Connections". If both flights are on the same reservation all you have to do is go from your arrival gate to your departure gate. What airline are you flying? Chances are you don't even go to the International Terminal.
Thank you. Flying Delta from Portland Oregon to LAX. Then Delta from LAX to Costa Rica.
My mom arrives to LAX around 8 am. And then depart from there to Russia at 15.40 via Aeroflot.
She doesnt really speak english so she will not leave the airpont.
The question is will she be able to get inside of TBIT right away so she can just sit in some cafe or nice chairs. Or will she have to wait such long time outside of the terminals?
What airline is she flying to LAX? Is it one reservation or two separate reservation? There is a large food court in the TBIT outside security.
She's flying with Southwest to LAX and that is a different reservation.

But even food court is better than nothing )))
Is SWA terminal close to Virgin American terminal?
No. Southwest uses Terminal 1 and Virgin America uses Terminal 6.