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Plan to arrive in LAX by Delta airline at 11:09am. Connecting to ANA at 12:45Ppm. Should be have checked baggage. Do I have enough time for this connection? Also, please advise any shuttle for different terminal connection? Thanks in advance.
You arrive in Terminal 2 or 3 and depart from the International Terminal. With checked baggage you barely have enough time as you will have to claim it, then take it to the International Terminal to re-check it with ANA, and then go through security. I would not book this connection if you haven't already.
Thanks for those useful information. I'll try to re-plan it.
My parents will arrive at LAX international (terminal B) on Emirates flight and they will take Southwest flight to PHX 3½ hour later. Southwest flights are usually depart from Terminal 1. I booked wheelchair service from Emirates. But Emirates ticket is only upto LAX.

I am wondering if a Skycap service can help them with luggage and transfer them from Terminal B to 1? also if anyone knows how much such service costs?
There is no such service. They'll have to see if the wheelchair pushers can take them to the shuttle stop that can take them to Terminal 1.
Thanks for your reply. Yes, I also thought so. But I am not sure how the airline wheelchair service works. Do they hang around with the passengers through the immigration and customs?
Arrive at LAX 8 am via SouthWest. How do I get to terminal 3 for 1130 Air China ? Thank you.
Air China does not use Terminal 3. They use the International Terminal. Southwest uses Terminal 1. The best way between Terminals is walking. You should have enough time.
Hi - my United flight from Sydney to LAX will arrive at 6AM. My second flight from LAX to Boston is at 8:20AM. Will I need to re-check-in my bags or can they just be dropped back off after clearing security and customs as both my flights are United?
You can re-check your bags at the re-check desk right after clearing customs in LAX.
If we fly into LAX at 2:50pm and depart on United at 4:15pm this May. Will we make our flight and what is the best/fastest way to travel between these two terminals? Also is it best to check bags or take carry-on?
The best way between terminals is to walk. It will obviously be much easier if you don't check bags as you won't have to claim them from Southwest or worry about the bag check cutoff with United.
I'm landing from Houston on AA at 9:35PM and fly out to Sydney on AA at 11:10PM. Will that be enough time to transfer terminals? I'm not sure which terminals yet but I'm guessing TBIT for the flight to Sydney.
If your flight to Sydney is operated by AA it will depart from Terminal 4. If it is operated by Qantas it will depart from the TBIT. T4 and the TBIT are connected inside security by a walkway. You will arrive in the American Eagle remote terminal which will then take you on a shuttle bus to Terminal 5, you can walk to T4 from there through a tunnel.
Hello, we will arrive TBIT with LH 01:15 pm and fly from Terminal 7 to Lihue with UA 03:15pm. Is that possible and which is the fastest way.
Thank you for an answer.
That is enough time if everything goes smoothly. You will go through US Immigration, claim your bags, go through US Customs, re-check your bags at the re-check desk, then you can go through security in the TBIT and walk through various connector buildings and tunnels to T7, or you can walk along the curbfront to T7 and go through security there (which is what I recommend).
Many thanks for your answer. All the best.
My Qantas flight from Australia arrives in the international terminal (4 or 5) at 6am. I have a 9:15 flight to Atlanta on Delta in terminal 2. Is there a bag re-check and can I easily get to terminal 2? Thank you!!
Qantas flights arrive in the International Terminal. You will have to take your bags yourself to Terminal 2 to re-check them with Delta. The best way there is to just walk along the sidewalk outside the terminals.
My United Airlines flight from Australia arrives @ TBI gates. I understand you can now walk from TBI to Terminal 7 inside security. Is this true? and how long would it take walking at an average pace (can run if needed)
You still have to go through Security in LAX because you are outside security after you clear Immigration and Customs. At that point it's pretty much the same amount of time whether you go through security in the TBIT and walk to T7 inside security or walk to T7 along the sidewalk and go through security in T7.
Hi, I have a Lufthansa flight (business) from Frankfurt arriving at 1.15 PM (on a Wednesday). My connecting flight to Las Vegas is with Alaskan at 3.45 PM. Would this be a realistic connection and, if so, what is the quickest way from the international terminal to T6?

Thanks very much for your help!
That is barely enough time if everything goes perfectly. The fastest way from the TBIT to T6 is to walk.
Thank you very much!!