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I intend to transfer in LAX from United to SAS (Scandinavium airlines). If on time I would arrive 12:56 from Denver (alternately 12:43 from SFO if I take another route) in Terminal 7, departing 14:20 to Stockholm ARN from Tom Bradley Int. on a Saturday. I would fly United First domestic and SAS Business (and have Star Alliance Gold/SAS Eurobonds Diamond) - so I think I would have fast track if a security check when changing terminals. (My intention is booking one ticket for both flights - which are within Star Alliance.)

Would that be enough time?
Yes, that would be enough time. You can even go from T7 to the International Terminal without leaving security now. Take the walkway to T6, then the tunnels from T6 through T5 to T4 and then the connector building to the International Terminal.
I am flying to Paris from Sacramento and connecting in LAX. I was checking into my flight today and a prompt read:
"...Due to the modernization of our facilities at LAX, if you are traveling to any international destination you must go to Terminal 2 to drop your bags before proceeding to your gate. For all other destinations, bags can be dropped at Terminal 3. Please allow extra time at the airport."

Does this mean I cannot check my bag directly through from SMF? But rather would have to retrieve it from luggage claim and then go through security again?
No, ignore that. That's a boilerplate message they include for anyone flying to from or through LAX. Also, note that "Delta" flights from LAX to Paris are operated by Air France and thus you will depart from the International Terminal, not Terminal 2 or 3.
I am flying to Toronto from Sacramento and connecting in LAX. I was checking into my flight today and a prompt read "...if you are traveling on any international destination, you must go to terminal 2 to drop your bags before proceeding to your gate." Does this include Canadian flights? If so, I land at 930 pm in LAX and leave at 11 pm. Will this be enough time?
What airlines are you flying? I can't answer your question without that information.
i am flying american airline from Boston( logan )to LAX with changing flights to Hawaii
only have around 50 minutes to change planes will that be enough time
what terminal do I land in and what terminal is departure
Hi we are departing LAX to YYC with Air Canada. Do we have to check in at terminal 6 or do we check in at TBIT and then make our way down to terminal 6? Thanks.
You check in and depart from Terminal 6.
How fast is customs when arriving from Europe if I have a connecting flight to San Francisco? How much time should I leave? Norwegian to LAX then Virgin America to San Francisco. What are the terminals and is it a long journey between them? Many thanks.
You arrive in the International Terminal and depart from Terminal 6. You need at least 3 hours between flights since you will have to transfer your bags yourself. It's about a 15 minute walk between Terminals.
Arriving from Asia on Japan Airlines at International Terminal at 11:45am. I need to fly onward from LAX to San Francisco on a separate ticket (w/checked bag). I have no idea how long it will take to get through customs, collect bags, and check in on time for next flight. I'm considering the domestic departing flight either at 2:15 Virgin America, 2:39 United, or 3:15 American. Which is best? Are any of these closer to the international terminal. Does that matter? Thanks!
Thee first flight I would consider is the 2:39 United flight. American is closer to the International Terminal than the other two airlines (and you can earn JAL miles by flying American).
Relatives are arriving at LAX via Virgin Atlantic. Do arriving passengers go through immigration and customs at terminal 2, Or do they have to clear I&C at Bradley terminal?
They will arrive in Terminal 2.
We are flying into Lax on Southwest and leaving for Hawaii on delta. Since we have to collect our luggage in terminal 1 and recheck and back through security in terminal 5, I was wondering if 2 hours is enough time to get done and back to gate for next flight??? Thanks
Delta no longer uses Terminal 5. They use Terminals 2 and 3. That is just enough time if everything goes smoothly.
I am flying Virgin Atlantic out of Terminal 2 but I would like to go to a lounge in the Tom Bradley International Terminal. Can I do this after security checkin?
No, you can't.
Yes, you can actually use the Delta shuttle inside Terminal 2 to transfer to Terminals 3 and TBIT. I am an employee at LAX and used it yesterday afternoon.
Thanks CD. As I am flying on Virgin Atlantic rather than Delta, is it still OK to use the shuttle?
Also, you don't mention about using it the other way, from TBIT to T2 or T3, which I don't know is possible since who would be arriving in the TBIT and be inside security and need to reach T2 or T3?
I booked my flight from Tucson (17:46) to the Los angeles airport (arriving at 18:28) in delta airlines, and a flight to Manila departing from TBIS at 21:50, I have to recover my checked bags, and go check my luggage again and go through security (because these are two separate tickets) will that be enough time?
That should be enough time.