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I fly into LAX from SYD at 6:05am and then have a connecting flight to NYC at 7:55am... Will this be enough time to get through customs etc?
If both flights are on the same reservation it's just enough time.
I fly into LAX from SYD at 6:05am and then have a connecting flight to NYC at 7:55am... Will this be enough time to get through customs etc?
Hi! If I need to pick up my pet from one airline's flight in baggage and recheck in with a different airline, is 1.5 hours pushing it too closely? Thanks, just not sure how big or busy that airport can be.
I don't think that is enough time. LAX is a very busy airport and sometimes going between airlines takes quite awhile. I would want 3 hours at a bare minimum.
great thank you so much!
Hi, I am flying Sydney to LAX on Virgin Australia and arrive LAX at 6am. Do you think this gives me enough time to clear customs, collect bag and make my way over to international departures for a flight to Cancun (United Airlines) at 9.30am?

Thank you!
Yes, that should be enough time if everything goes smoothly. Note that your flight to Cancun will NOT depart from the International Terminal. It departs from Terminal 7.
Hi, I am flying in from Sydney on Virgin Airlines, arrive LAX 6am.
I am looking at flights to Cancun that leaves LAX at 9.30am on United airlines.
Do you think this will give us enough time to clear customs and collect our bags, then check in again at departures?
Thank you!
Arriving Air New Zealand at 1030, have global entry. Do I have adequate time to make 1215 plane (delta) to Seattle?
With Global Entry and no bags, probably, with checked bags it becomes a bit more difficult.
I am traveling from Dublin --> LAX, getting in at 11:30am on Sunday 3/18. My flight for Denver leaves at 1:30pm. Is that enough time to get through customs and to my gate?

You pre-clear US Immigration and Customs in Dublin. What airline are you flying to Denver? Do you have checked bags? Is it one reservation or two separate reservations?
Arriving @ 6am to try and catch a flight at 7:40am to Denver. Will this be enough time to clear customs at Tom Bradley and then connect in terminal 7 or 8?
Where are you arriving from? What airlines are you flying? Are both flights on the same reservation?
Hello! I am wondering how long between flights (same airline, both flights booked as one flight/ticket) would be need to transfer and go through customs at LAX between a flight that goes Seattle > LAX > Costa Rica? Is 1.5 hours enough time?
Yes, that is enough time. There is no US Customs when leaving the US.
Going from NZ>Fiji>LAX arriving at 12:30pm, Is there enough time to clear customs/immigration, get baggage and check-in for a 2:30pm flight to Portland?
That is just enough time if everything goes perfectly. I'd want closer to 3 hours.
Thanks for your reply

I have read there is Automated Passport Control now cutting down wait times dramatically. Is this something I can rely on to make the connection? I am from one of the VWP countries. Cheers
You can use the APC kiosk if you have entered the US on ESTA before. If you have never entered the US on ESTA before, you have to see an agent.
Excellent thanks so much for your information :)