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Going from NZ>Fiji>LAX arriving at 12:30pm, Is there enough time to clear customs/immigration, get baggage and check-in for a 2:30pm flight to Portland?
That is just enough time if everything goes perfectly. I'd want closer to 3 hours.
Thanks for your reply

I have read there is Automated Passport Control now cutting down wait times dramatically. Is this something I can rely on to make the connection? I am from one of the VWP countries. Cheers
You can use the APC kiosk if you have entered the US on ESTA before. If you have never entered the US on ESTA before, you have to see an agent.
Excellent thanks so much for your information :)
If I arrive at LAX from HNL on Hawaiian at 4.25pm, will I be able to make it to a flight to Frankfurt FRA by 7.05pm? (2 separate ticket)
Yes, that should be enough time if everything goes smoothly. You will have to transfer your bags between T6 and the International Terminal yourself.
Walking impaired and need wheelchair or method to get from arrival gate SW Airlines to International Terminal for Fiji Airways.
You'll have to take your wheelchair to the shuttle bus. Wheelchair service does not accommodate interline transfers between two separate reservations.
I am scheduled to transfer from Delta to Latam at LAX. I am wondering if my relative who is not traveling could come inside and help me with claiming my baggage and dropping off at the connection terminal.
Are you allowed to pay cash when paying for luggage?
Most airlines only accept credit or debit cards.
I am flying from Vancouver bc to Lax and am catching a connecting flight to San Jose, Ca. My flight gets in at 11:25 to lax and my flight from Lax leave at 12:30. I am not checking a bag, will I have to go through customs and immigration at lax or wait until I get to San Jose? Also will this be enough time to catch my connecting flight to San Jose?
You actually pre-clear US Immigration and Customs in Vancouver. So if both flights are on the same reservation all you have to do in Los Angeles is go from your arrival gate to your departure gate. What airlines are you flying?
Oh that’s great, I’m flying with west jet and it’s all on the same reservation I believe
Your second flight will be operated by Delta or American as Westjet doesn't fly from LAX to San Jose. If it's by Delta then you just have to go from your arrival gate to your departure gate. If it's on American you'll have to change terminals and go through security.
How long will it take to go through customs?
Probably 30-45 minutes.
Hello.. My wife and 2 yr old kid will be arriving on 09-Dec at International terminal. Is there Skycap or Porter service available to help them with the baggage? If yes, can they hire them before custom clearance? I am looking for any information that might help them with baggage from carousel to custom clearance until they come outside.
There is no such service in the International arrivals hall.
I have 2 children 16/17 arriving from UK in December. They are arriving at terminal 7 and leaving from the same terminal (United). My question is once they have cleared immigration do they follow connecting flight signs or baggage claim as I know they will have to clear customs. I am trying to do them a step by step guide and I have only been to this airport once so any help would be much appreciated. Thank you.
If I arrive at LAX from Australia on Qantas at 9am, will I be able to make it to a flight to Cancun Mexico by 11:15am?
All on the same reservation that's just enough time. On two separate reservations that's not enough time.