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Hi, we are non-us citizens flying Eva Air from manila to lax. Arriving 7am and need to clear immigration and customs then take a 9am Delta domestic flight. Is two hours enough time?
On two separate reservations I'd say that is very risky, especially if you have checked bags. I would try for a later flight.
Hi there. I am coming from SLC to LAX then going to Prague(end stop) via Amsterdam. 1. Do I check my bag on SLC all the way thru or carry and check in LAX? 2. When at LAX, do I have to walk out of domestic terminal to go to international or is it all connected? We saved for Delta One (intl only) and want to use that perk. Any help would be greatly appreciated. :)
If all the flights are on the same reservation you won't see your bags again until you get to Prague. In LAX all your gates will be connected.
Thank you, ZAP
Does American fly International flights out of Terminal 4 ???? Or Bradley like everyone else?
Most of their international flights depart Terminal 4. They do not have a check in desk in the International Terminal. They also use gates in Terminal 6.
We will be arriving from the Philippines at 7;00 pm on Philippine Airlines. Do we have enough time to catch up the 9:25 pm flight of American Airlines to San Jose? We have checked-in luggage and have to pass thru the immigration.
Hello, my wife and newborn are traveling from Arizona to lax. Is it possible to meet her at baggage claim to assist with her checked luggage, car seat, stroller?
Yes, domestic baggage claims are public areas. You will have to park in short-term parking. Find out her airline as LAX has 7 different domestic baggage claims.
Thank you so much
Hello. I arrive in LAX from Costa Rica at 11:55am and depart for Seattle at 1:10. Is that enough time to make it through customs (no checked bags). Will we have to go through security again?
Yes, you will have to go through security again after you clear customs. What airline or airlines are you flying?
In April I will be flying with my partner (he will be using a German passport, I will use my Australian passport) from Melbourne, Australia to Los Angeles. We have two separate tickets on two different airlines. We arrive at 6:35am to Terminal B at LAX and then have to get to Terminal 2 to take a flight from LAX to Mexico City. Will we have enough time to pass through immigration, collect our bags, get to Terminal 2 and check in for our second flight? I'm not sure if it makes a difference but we will both have ESTAs. Thank you in advance for any help!
That is barely enough time if everything goes perfectly.
Thanks Zap, that's what I thought :(
I was wondering how long it takes to get off a plane [ American Airlines] from Dallas and get to the terminal for Air Tahiti Nui to board a flight to Tahiti and what is the process.
You will have to claim your bags from American unless they are tagged through to Air Tahiti Nui, then go to the Air Tahiti Nui check-in desk in the International Terminal and get your boarding passes (you have to do this even if your flight is on the same reservation as your American flight). The desk opens 2.5 hours before the flight and closes 1 hour before the flight. Then you go through security and to your departure gate.
can you give me a rough estimate on time that it takes
So claiming your bags from AA will take 10-30 minutes, walking to the International terminal takes 5 minutes, checking in takes 5-20 minutes, and security takes about 15-30 minutes, so add it all together and you get at worst 1 hr 25 minutes leaving no time to spare for delays and for the fact that the Air Tahiti Nui check in desk closes an hour before the flight departs, so you'll want at least 3 hours for your connection.
thank you
Hello, we are looking at coming into LAX from a flight from Taipei landing at 6:50AM. I know we will need to get our bags and go through customs, etc. Will it be feasible to get on a 9:30 AM domestic flight toward home? We will be traveling with two children.
Thank you.
To clarify, coming in on EVA airlines, flying out on Frontier. Thank you!
I think that's possible if the flight from Taipei is on-time. You will have to transfer your bags yourselves to Frontier.
Hi we are arriving from sydney arriving at 0630 and then have to catch a westjet flight to calgary at 0845 will we have enough time going through immigration and customs. Also we arrive at terminal b and then have to go to terminal 2 do we drop off our baggage or do we have to take it to westjet and book it in again.and do we go through customs etc again and how do we get to terminal 2