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Who owned this place? It's always minutes late opening. Today it didn't open until 0505! Then they didn't have biscuits!! Every black woman working here needs to be fired for being lazy, non-caring, no-customer service, ungrateful to have a job, mean spirited devils at 0500 in the morning. How do you piss off the fist 20 customer of the day. The first 17 people of the day who ordered had to all wait until the ladies in the back chatted, ate bacon and decide whether or not they were ready to work. The first plate with no biscuit didn't get fixed until0524.!! After that ever over order was wrong because the let them pile up and was not smart enough to match ticket with the right items. Then they rude register girl argue with the customer when they asked about their orders.
One of the ladies in the back eating bacon with gloves on was scratching her hair under her hat with the glove on she handled the food with. They prepared this food like they are feeding animals with not a care. I hope This isn't a standard of service for Copeland restaurants and this disgusting. Never eating here again.
This whole place stinks. Sat at zatatains, had to seat ourselves, looked like people were waiting endlessly for food. Had time to surf the net to find aother place and still no one came to our table to inquire. Went out of security and are eating at Dooks.
Excellent Customer service was given at the Hudson News stand by the Manager and cashier there...that lead me to buying to great reads.