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MSY Gate Connections DISCUSSION

Considering booking flight on Spirit that will have a very short 30 minute layover - airport site shows Spirit airlines is concourse C at MSY - concerned I will miss connection even if next flight is in same concourse. Input from experienced flyers into this airport.
My husband and I are flying New Orleans to Houston (56 min layover) and then Houston to Munich.
Will we need to go through any additional security in Houston for the international flight?
Should I be stressing about that short layover?

Thanks in advance.
If I arrive on concourse C, do I have to go through screening again to connect to a flight on Concourse B?
I have an upcoming flight to Atlanta Ga on American Airlines Flight arrives at 3:30 pm I need to be at Southwest terminal at 5pm How far away is American to Southwest Also need to pick up luggage at American
I always look at the maps to see what terminal I fly out of so I know where to park and exactly which direction to head once I get across the bridge into the terminal.....great tool for that!