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SDF : Shared Rides TO Louisville AIrport From Lexington Feb 23, '19 Comments: 0

Louisville Airport Ground Transport


I drive from Lexington to the Louisville Airport once or twice a month mostly on Saturdays to drop off or pick up my Mother from the airport. I'd really be interested if there were anyone that might be interested in ridesharing on occasion if our schedules match up.

Note 1: I've looked at various websites, and apps but haven't had any luck so far. I think I've covered most of the bases, but happy to hear advice if there are ideas I've missed. (Craigslist: Low volume. Carpool sites: Mainly weekday work commutes. Uber, Lyft: Not really intersted in being a Taxi / No ability to see where customers are headed.)
Note 2: I sometimes use nearby parking for short trips as it's better than driving to airport twice. But for longer trips it's better to drop someone off at the airport and pick them up.

SDF : Tsa wait times due to government shutdown Jan 10, '19 Comments: 0

Louisville Airport Traveler Help

Leaving SDF 01/13/19 on 6:50 am flight. Need to know security wait times due to government shutdowns.

SDF : lost shoe Dec 21, '18 Comments: 0

Louisville Airport General Topics

I lost a shoe possibly in the airport on 12/20/18l. It is a small black boot with a high heel. It is a size 9, my number is 2145295321
krista olson

SDF : Shuttle service for long term Parking Nov 20, '18 Comments: 0

Louisville Airport Parking

How often does a shuttle come through long term parking to pick up passengers?
Is there a way to notify a shuttle that you need to be picked up?

SDF : Shuttle Vehicle Sep 30, '18 Comments: 0

Louisville Airport Parking

I think a button you could push at the terminal blu lot pole that would alert the driver that people are waiting

SDF : Cost of parking August 15th - August 19th Jul 20, '18 Comments: 0

Louisville Airport Parking

I’m flying Southwest, which lot do I go to and how much does it cost.

SDF : Lost item Mar 27, '18 Comments: 0

Louisville Airport Traveler Help

Is there a lost and found? I never heard back from customer service

SDF : about my flight Jun 04, '17 Comments: 0

Louisville Airport General Topics

Phone to reach

SDF : Starbucks Jan 20, '17 Comments: 0

Louisville Airport Food, Shops, Services

No good. A bar has been added, but you are supposed to order at Starbucks. No bar service

SDF : La Tapenade Nov 30, '15 Comments: 2

Louisville Airport Food, Shops, Services

Cheated at La Tapenade kiosk
I was wrongly billed by the attendant at the La Tapebade kiosk at the Louisville airport terminal 10 yesterday 29th November at about 11:30am and I will like to fill a complaint to their manager. I used my Visa card and she never gave me a receipt only for me to return to the house to see a bill of $14.99 for a $1.55 turkey sandwich and a G energy drink. She must be doing this to a lot of people. It has to stop. I will really appreciate your help with this. Thank you.
I highly doubt a sandwich and an energy drink at an airport cost only $1.55.
The sandwich cost $1.55. I remembered clearly because that was why I picked it. Except the drink costs $13.44 dollars I see no other explanation why I should be billed that highly. I wish they had a website I could confirm their menu and billings and a direct manager to complain to. The whole experience soured a perfectly good 16 hour journey all the way from Africa. I hate being cheated on. I want justice. I will put this review on every location assessment site I see until I get it.