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SDF : Shuttle service for long term Parking Nov 20, '18 Comments: 0

Louisville Airport Parking

How often does a shuttle come through long term parking to pick up passengers?
Is there a way to notify a shuttle that you need to be picked up?

SDF : Shuttle Vehicle Sep 30, '18 Comments: 0

Louisville Airport Parking

I think a button you could push at the terminal blu lot pole that would alert the driver that people are waiting

SDF : Cost of parking August 15th - August 19th Jul 20, '18 Comments: 0

Louisville Airport Parking

I’m flying Southwest, which lot do I go to and how much does it cost.

SDF : Lost item Mar 27, '18 Comments: 0

Louisville Airport Traveler Help

Is there a lost and found? I never heard back from customer service

SDF : about my flight Jun 04, '17 Comments: 0

Louisville Airport General Topics

Phone to reach

SDF : Starbucks Jan 20, '17 Comments: 0

Louisville Airport Food, Shops, Services

No good. A bar has been added, but you are supposed to order at Starbucks. No bar service

SDF : La Tapenade Nov 30, '15 Comments: 0

Louisville Airport Food, Shops, Services

Cheated at La Tapenade kiosk
I was wrongly billed by the attendant at the La Tapebade kiosk at the Louisville airport terminal 10 yesterday 29th November at about 11:30am and I will like to fill a complaint to their manager. I used my Visa card and she never gave me a receipt only for me to return to the house to see a bill of $14.99 for a $1.55 turkey sandwich and a G energy drink. She must be doing this to a lot of people. It has to stop. I will really appreciate your help with this. Thank you.

SDF : Parking at SDF Louisville Airport Dec 23, '13 Comments: 0

Louisville Airport Parking

Parking location, information,directions and directory.

SDF : Private Car Service Sep 03, '13 Comments: 0

Louisville Airport Ground Transport

I did not know Louisville that I could book a private car in Louisville until I was referred to . So, anytime I am in the area I use a private car. Transport Services Group, has reasonable rates and superior customer services. Thanks for being there!