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can you inform me of the total charge for one week of parking in the handicap space
I've been to some airports where veterans with disabled license plates park free..does SDF have free parking for disabled veterans or everyone pays the same?
Check out if no answer there you can use the contact info provided to contact SDF airport directly
My dates are Sept 27 at 2:00 pm and return on Oct 4 at 10:15 am. I could not find any space in the ling term parking. Is it full or what?
Need map of location and is there or do I need a shuttle at 6am.
I was suppose to take a flight out and come right back but now I'm stuck and my vehicle is still parked, will I get in trouble??
Is there parking available for oversized vehicles (pick up truck and 20 ft trailer)?

Call SP Plus (502) 363-3490 - they operate the lots there.
How often does a shuttle come through long term parking to pick up passengers?
Is there a way to notify a shuttle that you need to be picked up?
I think a button you could push at the terminal blu lot pole that would alert the driver that people are waiting
I’m flying Southwest, which lot do I go to and how much does it cost.
Parking location, information,directions and directory.
I suggest you open, then click on QUICK LINKS /Airport Parking.