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I left a blue notebook with a cover that reads Love is Love on a AA flight that landed in SJU from Miami on Friday 3/19. Flight number 1613 seat 37C. Was the notebook reported?
How early do you have to get to the airport to comfortably make your flight?
sju have curbside for southwest?
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Is there any baggage storage at SJU as we are carring on to Turks and don't want to take all bags.
Generally, what baggage claim areas are used for Southwest and UA? Same general area? Two people coming in on two different airlines around same time and trying to see where to connect. Or a site that gives baggage claim carousel numbers Can't find anywhere--yet. Thanks.
HOw much time doyou think I need for a flight from american airlines in SJU to Vieques with Cape Air or Vieques air link. My flight arrives at 2:21pm on Sunday in August and there are tickets to Vieques at 245...Is that pushing it? We have only carry on bags
Yes, that would definitely be pushing it. Even without checked bags I wouldn't consider anything before 3:30.
That's really pushing it. Without checked baggage you need at least 45 minutes.
Me and my huspand are comming on 2nd of March on 4:25PM on SJU airport from Frankfurt directly. Cruise ship has the last chek- in on 6:30PM. Is enough time to catch the boarding or must we hurry up.
I am arriving into Terminal D and have a connection into terminal B. After I clear customs do I have to go back through security or can I just walk over to terminal B?
While SJU Airport has only one passenger terminal with concourses A through E, some airlines refer to concourses as 'Terminals'. Simply walk from your D gates to B gates - follow signs.