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My flight arrives at 4:45 am via JetBlue which I think is in Terminal A, the lounge is in Terminal C...can I get to the lounge without going through security again?
I am flying through San Juan on Thursday en route to St. Thomas. We have two young children and have about a 3 hour layover. If we check bags, do we have to go through customs as a US Citizen if we are changing airlines? Just trying to figure out if its worth having just one person go out to get the baggage and the other stay with the kids. We are flying in on SWA and flying out on JetBlue
You are on two domestic flights. Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands are part of the US for immigration purposes. Yes, all you have to do is transfer your bags between the two airlines.
Hi, I'll be arriving SJU on JetBlue at 2:45 am on a Saturday and departing on Cape Air at 11:00 am. Can you recommend any spot within the airport to try to sleep through those hours? Thank you, muchos gracias!
Actually I've just discovered the airport hotel... will book a room there, please disregard my question and thanks very much.
Arriving in SJU at 3:50, on the 5:10 capeair to tortola. Booked separately. No checked bags. Do we have to go out, check in, and go back through security or can we call and check in? and get our boarding passes at the gate?
You should be able to get your Cape Air boarding passes at the gate.