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I am flying Delta to San Juan and get in at 12:08, our connecting flight to St. Croix departs at 1:35 and is with JetBlue, these tickets were booked separately. Is this enough time?
With no checked bags that's doable. With checked bags that's probably not enough time.
Trying to find out if American has this agreement? I have tired calling American but been on hold forever....

If, however you are checking luggage and the airlines you are traveling on do not have a baggage handling agreement you'd have to exit the secure area, claim and recheck your luggage then clear TSA before proceeding to the departure gate for your connecting flight. If this is your situation there's no way you'd ever make a 1:10 connection time.

I don't know if Untied and InterCaribbean have a baggage handling arrangement so you'd have to check on that.
I don't believe InterCaribbean has any interline agreements.
Thanks Zap! We are flying American Airlines into SJU from Chicago land at 12:05pm and have a connection on Cape Air at 1:15pm we were going to check bags but were not sure if we have to get them and recheck them and if we have to clear TSA again with the condition of the airport and where the Cape Air Gate is.
The airport's condition is fine. Are both flights on the same reservation or is it two separate reservations? If it's all one reservation then you can just go from your arrival gate to your departure gate and you have enough time.
It is all one reservation book through American Airlines

Hi, we are flying from Newark to San Juan, then have a flight on Cape Air (All booked via United, originally we had an hour and a half but United changed our Cape flight time). We have checked baggage and only 35 minutes to get to our Cape Air flight to St Thomas. I would hope that we don't have to recheck luggage etc and that United wouldn't book us if it wasn't possible. I realize they are in separate terminals but worry about our luggage. Anyone know what will occur?
That should be enough time. you don't have to re-check your bags. The separate "Terminals" at SJU are all part of the same building and all gates at SJU are connected inside security.
Thanks so much!
Wondering if relief flights are the only flights going through or how close to normal flights are??
There is a reduced schedule of flights vs. the same time last year, but there are daily normal regularly scheduled flights to Miami, Atlanta, Ft. Lauderdale, Orlando, New York, Newark, Philadelphia, Boston, Washington DC, and Chicago and less than daily flights to Houston, Baltimore, Hartford, Tampa, and Charlotte.
Flying Liat from ANU....Is 1hr 5 min enough conecton time for SOuthwest flight? Coming from St Vincent , do we go through customs in SJU or when we reach FLL? Thanks
Yes, you will have to go through US Immigration, Customs, re-check your bags, and go through security in SJU. That's not enough time, especially when you consider that LIAT flights are usually late.
Our connection flight on Seaborne was canceled and we were rebooked on Cape Air. We (2) are flying from ORD/Chicago to SJU arrive at 3:05pm our connection flight is at 4:13pm on Cape Air. We will have 2 checked bags. In the past years we have had to get out bags and take them to another drop off area (usually a hike because we flew AA - Seaborne) I am concerned we will not make our connection do you think we have enough time or would be better just dong a carry on and go straight to USDA check and then to our gate? I don't recall in the past 8 years of us ever not having to get our bag that was checked and take it to a drop off location with AA.
Hi, we have the same situation, we are flying United to SJU and there is only about 35 minutes between when we land and our cape out flight takes off - all booked via United. I would HOPE that if they were booking it for us they would give us enough time but I'm concerned. Did you have to recheck the bags? Thanks for your help!
I think that will be pretty tough. You'll have to go through US Immigration and Customs when you arrive at SJU. Were flying Seaborne. This is our 8th year doing this trip and every year (AA connect with Seaborne) and I know if your checked a bag it takes awhile because you have to collect your bag in SJU and take it to through a scanning process and drop it. AA terminal is tad bit of a walk to Seaborne or Cape Air connection. This year we are just doing a carry on. It is a cruising trip and you don't need much. I would not do anything but a carry on or 35 min will not give you enough time. We have others in our large group who booked the next flight the following day in case they miss our connection flight (and will cancel if they an make the flight) they are bringing more then just a carry on. I just dont want to chance it. Hope this helps and good luck!
You really need 1 hour and if your incoming flight is late to your connection on landing your cutting it close; this is another reason we are avoiding the carry on because then we can go straight to our next gate.
NOTE: Were flying into SJU from Chicago so we don't go through customs until we get to Beef Island. The whole recheck your bag - no, but I remember we had to get our bags and take it somewhere for it to be taken to the next plane.
Arriving on Seaborne at 1.15pm from Beef Island (March next year) and leaving on Air Canada at 2.50 to Toronto, Canada , will have to check bags I think (unless Seaborne checks them through which I doubt).

Is that enough time ???
That will be pretty tough. You'll have to go through US Immigration and Customs when you arrive and Seaborne has a pretty poor on-time record.
Due to a schedule change, I now have a 1hr 11min connection from Delta to Seaborne in SJU. I will have checked bags but the res is on one ticket booked through Delta (Delta/Seaborne codeshare). Is this enough time? Do I need to claim and recheck bags?
Yes, that is enough time. You don't have to do anything with your bags.
Thanks! Glad to hear it.
I am arriving in sju at 11:19am on jet blue from jfk and depart at 1pm on seaborne to axa. These are seperate reservations with carry on only. Does this leave me enough time?
Yes, that should be enough time.
Arriving 11:45 and have to connect to a 1:50 United flight, is there enough time?
What airline are you arriving on? From Where? Is it one reservation or two separate reservations? Do you have checked bags?
Air Antilles from SXM on two seperate reservations. Thanks in advance!
I think that will be pretty difficult, but not impossible.