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landing at 1;30 on liat and and fight on jetblue is 3;30. Will I have time?
Two teenage boys travelling together t the BVI from the States, looking to set expectations:

Carry-on only, from BWI on Southwest into SJU, connecting to Cape Air to EIS. How much time is needed between and what is the process?

On the way back, Cape Air into EIS, connecting to Southwest to BWI. How much time is needed, guessing customs will take a bit?

All they have to do on the way to EIS is claim their bags from Southwest, re-check them with Cape Air, and go through security. On the way back they will go through US Immigration and Customs and claim their bags, check them with with Southwest, and go through security. 2 hours on the way there and 3 on the way back would be ideal.
I land at SJU at 2:10 on SOUTHWEST (HOU TO SJU with stop on FLL) then connect on JETBLUE 3:10 SJU to STT. NO CHECKED BAGS. 1 adult. Is this enough time?
With no checked bags it's possible if the Southwest flight is on-time and you check in for your JetBlue flight online.
Arriving SJ on United (terminal B) and have 48 minutes before departure on Cape Air (terminal D) to ST. Thomas. All booked through United. Is this remotely doable? As of now our intention is to have carry-on only. Will Cape Air give our seats away if we cut it too close? Thanks.
Yes, that is doable. Cape Air has 9 seat planes - they don't "give seats away" but they also might not wait for you. All you have to do is walk from your arrival gate to your departure gate. All gates are connected inside security. You have enough time if your United flight is on-time.
Flying to SJU from Toronto (YYZ) on Air Canada and transiting to Seaborne to Tortola (EIS). Assuming we go through US customs in Toronto, we've got a couple of hours between flights. Will that be sufficient? Is the Avianca lounge available to us if we're flying out from whichever terminal Seaborne uses? We'd use Priority Pass memberships to get in.
For clarity, we will have checked luggage. Do we exit security or stay inside security? Thanks so much.
Hi, I will be flying into sju on saturday with another adult, a two yr old and a baby at noon. We have two hours, on separate tickets,with checked luggage, to make a connection from allegiant air to jetblue heading for stx on a 2PM flight. Is it possible for one adult to stay in the terminal with the children and the other adult to pick up the checked luggage, get in the jetblue line, check the luggage with them and go through security on their own instead of the entire group of us having to do it?
Each person that has a bag checked in their name needs to be present at bag check.
That is what I thought, I can put both of them in my name if I'm not mistaken?
Yeah, you can do that. Checking a 1st and second bag for one passenger costs $10 more than checking a 1st bag for two passengers, but if your peace of mind is worth $10, I suppose it's worth it.
JFK-SJU-STX, 52-minute connection from Delta to Seaborne, same ticket. No checked bags. All good?
That should be enough time if the Delta flight is on-time.
I, along with my sister-in law and two very small children, will be arriving via an Allegiant air flight at noon on a Saturday. We will then be heading to STX on Jet Blue at a 2PM flight. They are separate tickets and we will have checked luggage since this is a relocation for my brother's family. Will we have to exit the terminals, pick up the luggage then go back through security? Also, will we have to clear customs flying from SJU to STX? Any hints to make this easier?
Yes, you will have to do all of that. There are no immigration controls or customs when flying between the Mainland US, Puerto Rico, or the US Virgin Islands.This is a difficult connection.
I am arriving in SJU with Jet Blue terminal A. I need to get to Seaborne in Terminal D. NO checked luggage. I have 1 hour. Will I make it? Do I have to go through security again? This flight was booked entirely via the JetBlue website as an acceptable connections. Are they (Jet Blue) crazy for booking this so tight?
It is possible to go from A to D inside security. It is a possible connection but leaves no time to spare. Luckily, Seaborne flights are often delayed.
is it possible to connect between termainal D to B in 1hr and 15mins no checked bags. traveling to JFK
where are you flying from and to and on what airlines?
Flying from St Kitts to San Juan and the New York
Seaborne and Virgin delta
Considering you will have to go through US Immigration and Customs in San Juan, I think that will be a very difficult connection if not impossible.