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where in terminal 4s is gate s1?
Mi tarjeta de credito es VISA americana y me gustaría saber dónde encuentro ATM en el aeropuerto de Madrid para sacar dinero en euros.
Are there any ATMs at Terminals 4 or 4s at MAD International Airport? Thanks
Dear all, I'm going to fly from Dallas to Milan qith AA with a stop-over in Madrid. What should i do with my baggage? They will be shipped directly in Milan or should i recheck themi n Madrid? Thank you!
If your bags are properly tagged with all three airport codes, they will arrive automatically in Milan, since you only use one airline.
However, since you arrive in the EU in Madrid, you will have to claim them in immigration there and then drop them at re-check. It's not that complicated.
my son Shay Tsfoni. has lost his Israeli pasport on flight AA5678 That took off from JFK 28/7 at 6pm and landed in Madrid 29/7 at 7:15am. Can you help me?
Since your son lost his passport onboard AA, he needs to contact American Airlines.