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MAD Gate Connections DISCUSSION

We are coming in on United in terminal 1. We will have to get our luggage then check in for TAP in terminal 2. Is this walkable or will we need transportation?
Do I have to go thru customs with my luggage? or just passport control. Please advise procedure .I have 2 hours 5 min to make connection. Arrive in Terminal 4S, depart Terminal 4. Understand there is a underground driverless train connecting 2 terminals. Thanks
I have 1h 20m from arrival on IBE 6166 @terminal 4S to departure on IBE448 @ terminal 4
I am travelling from Malaga to Madrid T4 with Iberia arriving at 11.50 and depart with Iberia to Los Angeles from T4S at 12.45 so only have 55 mins for connection will this be enough time and is there any secruity or passport control during this connection.
please provide terminal info regarding Delta and Iberia as requested above. thanks
It is not feasible to walk from Terminal 1 to Terminal 4. You have to take a shuttle bus -
In mad distance between delta airline