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Hi Zap,
I am going to book a ticket of Alaska airline, depart at 6:49am from LAS to SFO, I will stay at "Americas Best Value Inn". Seems I have to leave hotel at 4:45am, is it easy to catch taxi/uber or any public transportation around this hostel?
Thanks so much!
Yes, it should be easy to get a taxi or uber at that time. I wouldn't try using public transportation.
I am flying out of D gates at around 6 pm. If I get dropped off around 5:10 will I have enough time to get through terminal 3 security, take the red line to D gates without a checked bag.
It's possible, especially if you have pre-check, but not without risk.
I'm arriving in Terminal D and have no baggage where would I go to meet uber? I've been turned around in this airport before and would just like a straight path out.
The app will tell you where the meeting places are. D is a gate area, not a terminal. You can exit the airport in either Terminal 1 or 3 from the D gates.
Where do I pick up someone arriving on American Airlines at Concourse D?
If they have checked bags you will pick them up in Terminal 1. If they don't have checked bags they could technically be picked up at Terminal 1 or 3 but you'd have to get on the same page with them beforehand. probably best to just plan on T1.
We had the best Bloody at the Stella Artois bar. The mix was Bloody Mary mixer no 12. I even took a photo so I could buy said mix. Can not find it anywhere online. Any help on subject would be appreciated.
Looking for a bite and a place to watch 2017 i inauguration. Only ber grill with TV's near my gate. Ordered and asked why Inaug was not on, was told only sport are shown. Funny, No sports but sports news talking about Inaug an downing Trump.Don't like our polatics?get to the other side of wall. See how you like it looking in..
We are picking up international family members at terminal 3 on Tuesday. I see there's a place called Meet & Greet.
Can you please describe where that is ?
Thank you
I am flying into Vegas on United and then catching another flight with Hawaiian airlines. How much time will I need to get from gate to baggage claim and then get my bags to Hawaiian Airlines and then back to the gates?
I am flying into LAS on United and meeting someone flying in on Southwest. Do they share the same baggage area and if not where would be the best place to meet?
No, the Southwest baggage claim is in Terminal 1 and the United baggage claim is in Terminal 3. If you are intent in meeting at the airport I suggest whoever arrives first rides the shuttle bus between terminals to the later-arrivals' terminal baggage claim.
What gate will southwest 164 come into and what gate will southwest take out flight 4808
Exact gates are subject to change until the flight. All Southwest gates are in Terminal 1 in the B and C concourse and are connected inside security.